Benjamin Bullett Mortlock (Guitar & Ukulele Professional Musician, Educator & Musical Director)

Benjamin Bullett Mortlock

Guitar & Ukulele

Seasoned with 14 years of teaching & performing internationally. Concrete learning with concrete results for ALL levels! Unlock your potential now! 

As a child, my ears were blessed by the sounds of 80s pop, reggae, rock, and 90’s chart music. At age 11 I picked up the guitar after a friend at school showed me how to play the Harry Potter theme. Simplistic but memorable, a concept that has stuck with me even now, after teaching for 14 years. Trained with a bachelor’s degree in professional music performance, I lectured for music degrees in the UK and Greece before moving to Canada in 2021. I teach with a focus on motivating students to feel enthusiastic and achieve results.

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