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Teach Among the Best Music Instructors in Toronto

You might be an exceptional musician, but are you an exceptional teacher? Are you more passionate about teaching than touring and gigging? If so, we want you to join our music school!

When parents and students search for music lessons in Toronto, we promise to provide the best music teachers in the city. To be counted as one of the best, you must have excellent people skills, extensive teaching experience, and a genuine passion for teaching music. We’re looking for instructors who teach a specialty, whether it be a specific style, voice-instrument combo, working with children, or leading a band.

As part of our performance-based music school, you’ll be preparing your students for recitals and gigs throughout the year. From coffee shops to professional theaters, our teachers fully support their students by being part of their performances.

Is this the kind of music teaching gig that excites you? Then we want to talk to you!

Note: We care about the safety of our students. Therefore, all staff must pass a vulnerable person’s background check and provide references from previous jobs.

Why Teach at Elite Music Academy?

  • Tension-free, non-sales environment
    Just provide new students a quality trial lesson and our lesson coordinators handle the rest
  • Be self-employed
    As a part-time contractor, enjoy the tax benefits of running your own business while remaining autonomous
  • Staff purchase benefits
    Need a new guitar or just a set of strings? Our teachers enjoy deep, deep discounts
  • Opportunities for advancement
    Want to make more money? We hire our best teachers to work with our summer music camps, rock bands, and musical theater groups.
  • Your ideas are welcome!
    We’re the kind of music school that loves new ideas! As one of our instructors, you can propose to run new courses – then manage it!
  • Clean and professional
    All our classrooms are professionally equipped and cleaned on a daily basis
  • Teach more students in less time
    No need to drive to students homes. We’ll book students as close together as possible to make efficient use of your time
  • Fill your schedule quickly
    Our website ranks at the top of Google, so our phone rings off the hook and our inbox is always full with new requests. Your schedule will fill up faster than if you tried to advertise on your own
  • We enforce policies so you don’t have to
    We make sure you get paid on time and are compensated for any last minute cancellations and no-shows

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