Challenges Resuming Music Lessons After Summer Break

Children and teens live for it – no school, no homework, spending the summer at the beach or pool, and no music lessons. Now . . . wait a minute! No music lessons? Parents and students alike may believe that they need a break from music lessons during the summer too. However, some parents believeContinue Reading

Performance Based Music Lessons in Toronto

Imagine…your name being announced as a member of a rock band! Pretty cool right? Imagine the thrill of playing a concert as a member of a real band. Working together as a team to create awesome music that’s both entertaining and incredibly creative. This can all be a reality, and is just a day inContinue Reading

Yamaha Acoustic Guitars in Toronto

Ever wondered where you can find the best guitar classes nearby, particularly acoustic guitar classes? Start your acoustic guitar journey off right with Yamaha.We provide the lowest prices on acoustic guitars in Toronto – guaranteed! Yamaha has been making high-quality musical instruments for many decades, and the company’s line of acoustic guitars are among the finestContinue Reading