5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Learn Guitar from a Video

It’s tempting. How cool would it be if you were able to really rock and claim to be a self-taught guitar player? How nice would it be to save a few bucks a month and learn guitar from a free YouTube video or a DVD? Undeniably, these sound like appealing options – but they’re alsoContinue Reading

Why Students Need to Perform

Students come to guitar lessons to learn how to play guitar. Seems pretty obvious, but many music schools do not give students the full experience of playing guitar. They just teach a student how to play the instrument and read music. As the student becomes a more skilled player, they might want to take theirContinue Reading

Challenges Resuming Music Lessons After Summer Break

Children and teens live for it – no school, no homework, spending the summer at the beach or pool, and no music lessons. Now . . . wait a minute! No music lessons? Parents and students alike may believe that they need a break from music lessons during the summer too. However, some parents believeContinue Reading

Performance Based Music Lessons in Toronto

Imagine…your name being announced as a member of a rock band! Pretty cool right? Imagine the thrill of playing a concert as a member of a real band. Working together as a team to create awesome music that’s both entertaining and incredibly creative. This can all be a reality, and is just a day inContinue Reading

Record Industry Need Not Apply: The World of Home Recording & DIY Publishing

Record Industry Need Not Apply: The World of Home Recording & DIY Publishing Since the onset of music downloading, the indie music scene has exploded from self-promoting indie bands to self-published musicians in all genres. It’s little wonder, considering the falling standards of the music publishing industry. These days, music is no more than aContinue Reading