Music Gifts That Inspire at Any Age

Shopping for gifts this year doesn’t need to be a headache at least not for the musically-inclined person on your list. If you know an adult or child with an interest in music, whether they are enrolled in music lessons or not, there are a number of gift options to choose from that will helpContinue Reading

Why Students Need to Perform

Students come to guitar lessons to learn how to play guitar. Seems pretty obvious, but many music schools do not give students the full experience of playing guitar. They just teach a student how to play the instrument and read music. As the student becomes a more skilled player, they might want to take theirContinue Reading

Music Lesson Tips for Adult Students

Many adults find the prospect of learning to play a musical instrument at a music school both exciting and intimidating. When we are younger, we are apt to feel that music and learning to play is something magical. The adult comes with an attuned awareness of the hard work involved and of the often-daunting skillsContinue Reading

Challenges Resuming Music Lessons After Summer Break

Children and teens live for it – no school, no homework, spending the summer at the beach or pool, and no music lessons. Now . . . wait a minute! No music lessons? Parents and students alike may believe that they need a break from music lessons during the summer too. However, some parents believeContinue Reading

Mindful Violin Practice Tips

Focus is everything when it comes to practice, but focus is especially important when taking violin lessons in Toronto. Improper practice can, and usually will lead to poor results. However, with the right tips, anyone can succeed in practicing more mindfully, deliberately, and efficiently. Mindful Violin Practice  If students do not focus while they practice, their lesson will alwaysContinue Reading