Collaborative Beatmaking Course for Aspiring Urban, EDM, & Pop Artists

Collaborative Beatmaking MIDI Sequencing Beats Loops Course Poster

Starts: Now available
Cost $65 per class
Schedule: Tuesdays or Fridays, 90min classes, once-per-week

The new Collaborative Beatmaking program is a cutting edge interactive session designed for aspiring young Urban, EDM, and Pop music makers (ages 10-12 and 13+). This one of a kind weekly small group class(2-3 participants), ideal for people that live for rhymes, beats, and bass.

The focus is on learning digital music production techniques, in a supportive team environment. In this unique program, young beatmakers will work together with the input of an experienced producer to build a portfolio of original tracks. Finished tracks can be digitally released on platforms such as SoundCloud and YouTube, allowing beatmakers to build a fan base in the online music community.

Beatmakers will learn and implement habits used by top producers, to create professional sounding tracks. The learning environment includes a laptop-based studio system with a MIDI controller, studio monitors, and Ableton Live 10 Suite software, a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) used by many top industry pros.

Topics covered include DAW fundamentals, sampling, MIDI sequencing, synthesis/sound design, and more. This program is also ideal for young Beatmakers with previous experience who would like to improve on specific skills such as mixing, mastering, arranging, and overcoming writer’s block.

This program offers unparalleled instruction from an experienced producer and weekly hands-on practice at a fraction of the cost of other available beat-making and production courses. The motto is “learn by doing” the program offers a hybrid approach to education, combining traditional study/theory and practical hands-on training. The goal is to make better beats, collaborate with friends, and have fun doing it!

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    About The Teacher

    John Allen Drum Instructor Teacher Toronto Music Production Technology Recording

    John Allen

    Acclaimed educator, producer, and performer with 15+ years working in the Canadian music industry. A forward-thinker who brings vision, passion, and creativity to the music lesson experience.

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