About Elite Music Academy

Located in the heart of East York, Elite Music Academy opened its doors in 2001 as a friendly community music school and instrument shop. Today, we have grown into one of the most influential music schools in Toronto, offering a broad selection of music lessons taught by experienced teachers.

Our facility includes three permanent locations near Pape and Woodbine subway stations and across Shops at Donmills with plenty of free parking. In addition, we’ve been running our music theatre classes and Summer camps, in different parts of the city through some great rehearsal spaces.

From the day we opened, our community spirit and great deals on instruments made Elite Music a beloved part of the neighbourhood. But it’s our commitment to quality music education that makes our music school a true Toronto success story. Despite a faculty of over 50 of the city’s best music teachers, lesson coordinators, and instrument specialists, you’ll still find the same family atmosphere that made us successful from day one.

Have an instrument you want to learn? Looking for a school with great teachers and a proven track record? Contact Elite Music Academy today and start making music!

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