Mark Bond : Piano Teacher

Mark Bond

Piano Teacher

Three sentence blurb: Mark Bond is a multiple award winning pianist, composer and improviser with decades of professional experience in music. Mark has composed for film, dance and theatre, and he has been teaching music since 1999. Classically trained on the piano at a young age, Mark began composing at age 13 and never looked back.

Mark Bond is a multiple award winning pianist and composer with over 30 years of musical experience.

Classically trained as a child, Mark began composing at age 13 and later obtained a specialized degree in Composition from York University, where he also studied improvisation extensively at the academic level.

Mark has been a musical director with Second City Toronto and their Training Center since 2010, and has performed for hundreds of live comedy shows as a musical director in charge of sound effects, improvising incidental music and accompaniments for improvised songs, and much more.

Mark has taught hundreds of students across Ontario and Quebec, and continues to inspire his students to “find their musical voice” and express themselves at their instrument. He also teaches actors how to improvise songs and song lyrics in all genres, and is available for workshops and group instruction as well as private one-on-one consultation.

Finally, Mark is an accomplished film composer whose scores have been heard all over the world, and his award-winning original piano music has been featured on international radio.

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