Morgan Dunbar: Drum Teacher and Multi-Instrumentalist

Morgan Dunbar Drum Teacher Toronto Music Lessons

Morgan Dunbar

Drum Teacher & Multi-Instrumentalist

I’m Morgan Dunbar, a Toronto musician, producer and educator! I provide drum and percussion lessons for all skill levels, as well as beginner guitar, bass and keyboard lessons. If you are interested in learning from a youthful, but experienced musician, book a trial lesson with me today!

My skills as a teacher stem from my love of music and learning. Finding the connection points to develop students understanding of new material is my ultimate goal. Chasing your passion for music or just trying something new is enough reward in its self. Developing skills, finding talent, and the overall benefits of music on the mind and body make taking lessons seem like a no brainer!

As a constant researcher, I love branching out with the styles of music I listen to and work on. My musical background began with fundamentals, rudiments and developing a feel with my instructor who typically played bass during our lessons (I found this hugely effective in my development). My next instructor focused on musical history, theory, piano and world music. We began to push into Afro-Cuban rhythms and seriously studied jazz composition, arrangement, chord structures, melody and harmony, etc. It was at this point that I departed to study Music Industry Arts at Fanshawe College, I new production was my main interest and the program would offer something unlike any other. I performed constantly with my band “The Wrong Brothers” blending Psychedelic, Art Rock, R’n’B, World, Funk and Punk music, we released 17 singles in 2017 and our debut EP in 2018.

I moved to Toronto following schooling and began sound engineering at Flemo City Media and operating my recording studio “Tiny House Records” where I’ve released several solo tracks here.

I look forward to helping you reach your musical goals and inspire you on your musical journey!

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