Early Bird Registration Policy Agreement 2019/2020

Student's Full Name *
Parent/Guardian's Full Name (if applicable)
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If not, what is your preferred schedule?

I understand that this agreement is in addition to the regular student policy agreement.

I understand that the deadline to submit this form is June 1, 2019.

I understand that I will be honoured the Early Bird Special rates and as such will not be refunded for the first term of the fall/winter semester as well as the registration and a 3% merchant fee.

  • Private 30min lesson: $31.00 (vs $34.75 - that's $150 in savings per school year or 4-free lessons!)
  • Private 60min lesson: $57.00 (vs $63.50 - that's $260 in savings per school year or 4 free lessons!)
  • Annual Enrollment Fee: $50.00 Family Enrollment Fee: $80.00

I understand that if I wish to discontinue lessons, that there is a 4 weeks cancellation policy starting October 5th, 2019.

I understand that a valid credit card will be required (called in or submitted in person) before the June 1, 2019, deadline

I understand that if I choose to pay by cheque, the first cheque should be dated June 1st and made payable to Elite Music Academy Inc. An e-transfer can be made in place of the first cheque. All four postdated cheques for the 2019/20 school year are to be submitted by June 1 2019.

I understand that missed lessons, emergencies or questions should always be sent via email to scheduling@elitemusic.ca to ensure a prompt reply and to leave a paper trail of any conversation that has taken place between myself and the front desk.