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    Is this the spot you would like to keep for the fall? If not, please specify what LOCATION, DAY AND TIME you would like.

    If you are requesting a different time slot than your current one, we can book it if it’s not already occupied. If the time slot is not available, we will only be able to confirm after the Early Bird registration period has ended, if it has become available. After that requests will be considered on a first-come-first-served basis.

    We will contact you as we begin to process the Early Bird registrations in the order that we received them to arrange payment, which may take a few weeks - you’ll a copy of this to your email once completed (which means it’s been submitted) - please do not send additional emails to scheduling asking if we’ve received your form.

    I understand that this agreement is in addition to the regular student policy agreement below.

    I understand that the deadline to submit this form is June 18, 2021.

    I understand that I will be honoured the Early Bird Special rates and as such will not be refunded for the first term of the fall/winter semester.

    • Private 30min lesson: $35.75 (vs $37.85 - that’s $67.20 in savings per school year!)
    • Private 60min lesson: $65.50 (vs $69.80 - that's $137.60 in savings per school year!)
    • Private 45min lesson: $54.10 (vs $56.25 - that’s $67.80 in savings per school year!)
    • Annual Enrollment Fee: $50.00 Family Enrollment Fee: $80.00

    I understand that if I wish to discontinue lessons, that there is an 8-lesson cancellation policy starting September 7 2021.

    I understand that a valid credit card will be required (called in or submitted in person) before the June 18, 2021 deadline.

    I understand that if I choose to pay by cheque, the first cheque should be dated June 18th and made payable to Elite Music Academy Inc. The remaining four postdated cheques for the 2021/22 school year are to be submitted by August 1st. An e-transfer can be made in place of the first cheque. The e-transfer must include the student's first and last name as well as the time slot booked. The password should be elitemusic

    This is the 2021/2022 Regular Student Policy Agreement. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to the following - please read carefully.
    2021/2022 Policy Agreement
    (Regular Students)

    In the event that our physical locations are closed by government or public health mandate, Elite Music Academy reserves the right to continue regular classes in an online format using Zoom or any alternative conferencing software. Our 8 week cancellation policy will still be upheld.

    All communication regarding music lessons must go to scheduling@elitemusic.ca. We do not accept lesson related emails to any of our other email accounts OR our teachers personal emails.

    We offer one half-hour trial lesson at a discounted price.The purpose of the trial lesson is to meet the teacher, ask questions, set goals, and try a sample lesson. The trial lesson must be booked and paid for at least 24 hours in advance. No refunds or makeup lessons are offered if a student cancels day of or fails to show up for this lesson.

    No lesson time will be made up if a student arrives late for a lesson.

    Elite Music Academy has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to bullying, harassment, or disrespect of the school facilities, equipment, teachers and staff. This applies to all students as well as parents/guardians. When action may be required, a warning will be given addressing specific behaviour(s). Should the student continue the behaviour(s) after the warning, the student will be dismissed from lessons, classes or camps and will not be allowed to return, forfeiting their lessons and no refunds will be issued. Parents/guardians are also expected to uphold these policies, and failure to comply will result in your child forfeiting their lessons and fees. There will be no exceptions.

    Students are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner as would credit themselves, their schools, their communities, and their families.

    In order to facilitate successful and enjoyable lessons, all students should follow these three-commitments:

    1. Commitment to regular practice. Progress doesn’t happen in one weekly 30 minute lesson - work and practice outside of lessons are necessary for growth.
    2. Coming prepared to your lesson with all necessary materials (ie. instrument, lesson books, sheet music). Teacher are not required to provide materials if a student shows up without them.
    3. Commitment to having fun and making music!

    You are not charged for lessons that fall on any statutory holiday - no make ups required. Please see our School Calendar for reference.

    In the event of a school closure by the TDSB due to inclement weather or at the discretion of Elite, lessons will be made up if cancelled by Elite Music Academy. You will be notified by email sent from scheduling@elitemusic.ca.


    You understand and agree that staff members and independent contractors working for Elite Music may record videos or take pictures of your musical activities for promotional purposes on social media or print advertising at any time.

    A Regular Student is a student who is booked for the same day/time slot, with the same teacher each week, committing to the full school year (September-June). *See cancellation policy below*

    Regular students are able to perform in our recitals, as well as other performance opportunities throughout the year (when it is safe to do so).

    There are 5 terms in our school year:
    Term 1: September/October
    Term 2: November/December
    Term 3: January/February
    Term 4: March/April
    Term 5: May/June

    July/August - Summer lessons are not part of our regular lesson school year and are booked separately on a causal basis only.

    A Regular Student is only fully registered once the following materials are submitted:
    1. A signed Policy Agreement.
    2. Annual Registration Fee.
    3. A form of payment for the year - either credit card or post-dated cheques.

    • The first term can be paid by e-transfer but the remaining terms must be paid either by postdated cheque or by our credit card automated payment. Credit card payments are charged on the first of the month prior to the upcoming term (i.e. October 1st payment for November & December lessons).
    • Post-dated cheques must be dated as follows: October 1st, December 1st, February 1st, and April 1st.

    Note: Music lessons are exempt from HST.

    In the event that the provided credit card is declined on our autopay system or a cheque bounces for term payments, Elite Management will contact you and payment must be arranged by the 15th of the month at the latest. If payment is not made, the remaining lessons of the term will be put on hold until payment has been received. If the cancellation policy is violated by withholding payment, those remaining lessons are forfeited.

    A $40 fee will be charged for all NSF cheques. A student is not able to continue with lessons unless all outstanding fees are fully paid.

    Students who don’t show up or cancel lessons without 24 hours notice are not eligible for a makeup. All student illnesses are subject to this 24 hours notice policy.

    Regular Students can cancel and are eligible for up to 2 makeup lessons per school year, provided that an email has been sent to scheduling@elitemusic.ca with more than 24 hours notice. No phone calls, in person cancellations or contacting the teacher directly will be accepted. If a make­up lesson is not possible, the fee for the lesson will not be refunded. Makeups cannot be cancelled or rescheduled once booked. We have week set aside at the end of June to accommodate any left over makeup lessons, if they cannot be scheduled during the year.

    No lesson time will be made up if a student arrives late for a lesson.

    If a Regular Student needs to withdraw from their weekly lesson commitment, we require written notice via email to scheduling@elitemusic.ca. Once we receive the notice, you will have 8 lessons remaining from that date. Elite Music will refund any remaining tuition beyond the 8 lessons and return/destroy any remaining post-dated cheques. Any makeup lessons must be made up by their last day of lessons or they will be forfeited.

    Elite Music Academy reserves the right to have an adequate supply teacher sub in in the event a teacher is ill, absent or unavailable. If Elite Music Academy can not provide a supply teacher, the student will receive a make­up lesson for each lesson a teacher is away. If an instructor plans to be away for an extended period of time, a supply teacher will be arranged.

    You are not charged for lessons that fall on any statutory holiday - no make ups required. Please see our School Calendar for reference.

    On occasion where it is deemed unsafe to hold lessons (as determined by Elite Music Academy Management), students will be contacted by email and all missed classes will be re-scheduled. As this is highly inconvenient, such action is only taken on the most severe of weather (some snow or heavy rain will rarely cause class cancellations).

    I agree to the 2021/2022 Policy Agreement and all of the information provided above

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