Anthony Nufrio: Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, and Drum Lessons

Anthony Nufrio teaching guitar in Toronto

Anthony Nufrio

Guitarist, Bassist, Drummer, Ukeist
Anthony is a seasoned musician with experience teaching a variety of age groups, genres and levels of difficulty. His patient demeanour and passion for the art have served him well in being an encouraging, well-versed teacher that is adaptive to all skill levels. Anthony passion for music is contagious and creates engaging and valuable lessons.

Anthony has been playing the guitar for over fifteen years and has been teaching professionally for five. Experience with many different instruments, styles, and bands, have made Anthony a versatile and creative musician with a dynamic approach to songwriting and improvisation. Anthony has studied with many musicians of varied backgrounds and has developed a deep knowledge of Jazz, Rock, Blues, Pop, and Fusion music,

Aside from music, Anthony has been studying to become a teacher since he was in high school. He has a Bachelor with Honors in English and Philosophy from the University of Toronto and is currently finishing his Bachelor of Education at York University. Anthony has worked in schools in the Durham Catholic and Toronto Public boards for the last eight years as a volunteer and through co-operative programs. He has extensive experience with children from ages eight through seventeen and has worked privately with mature students up to the age of seventy-eight. Furthermore, Anthony has significant experience teaching students with disabilities and other exceptionalities.

Anthony endeavours to work with his students to help them develop a deep, well-rounded understanding of their instrument and its place within different genres. Whether it is learning first chords, playing in odd-time signatures, or learning Jazz improvisation, Anthony provides the knowledge and tools for his students to succeed at their goals.

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