Chad Yacobucci: Classical and Rock Guitar Teacher

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Chad Yacobucci

Guitarist: Classical, Rock

A charismatic teacher and an engaging performer, Chad Yacobucci brings a wide range of musical experiences to his guitar students.

With a Master’s of Music (MMus) degree in Classical Guitar Performance from The University of Toronto, Chad has been making performing music for over a decade. Chad created the classical guitar duo Altius Duo that, in 2015, was awarded first prize in CBC’s nationwide Young Artist Competition. Celebrated for their depth of interpretation and riveting performances, Altius Duo regularly toured and taught across North America. In addition to his duo playing, Chad has a unique flair with rock music and has composed for and played in numerous bands across Canada.

In addition to his exciting stage performances, Chad has extensive experience teaching a wide range of musical styles. Having directed the community guitar program at Queen’s University Conservatory of Music for a number of years, he has developed an engaging teaching method that blends modern guitar pedagogical methods, music theory, and a focus on performance to help students of any level pursue their love of music.

Currently enrolled at The University of Toronto in the Master’s of Music degree in the Music Technology program, Chad also has a passion for digital music. Working with Ableton Live, Max/MSP, and Pro Tools, he has a colourful compositional vernacular when working in the digital realm and has worked with many artists to realize their musical ideas in recordings. Chad believes that all students of music, no matter what their musical goals, should interact with and learn about digital music and he passionately believes in the incorporation of technology into his pedagogical practice.

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