Daniel Turner: Award Winning Classical Guitarist and Teacher

Daniel Turner

Classical Guitarist

Daniel Turner is an award winning classical guitarist and teacher, currently working on a master’s degree in guitar performance at University of Toronto. His plentiful performance experience and vigorous training makes him an ideal teacher for the serious classical/ acoustic/ fingerstyle/flamenco guitar student. However his years of teaching experience with students of all skill levels, and his time spent exploring other styles make him a great teacher for students who want to learn any style of guitar.

Daniel Turner is a talented and devoted classical guitar player and teacher in Toronto, Ontario currently completing his Master’s Degree in Guitar Performance at University of Toronto. He has placed in or won several guitar competitions in Canada and the U.S. and received scholarships and awards for his playing. He has also had the opportunity to perform a guitar concerto with the Windsor Symphony Orchestra, and compose and record music to underscore a live theatre production. Currently a student of the world-renowned guitarist Jeffery Mcfadden, Daniel has also studied with masters from all over the world such as Thibaut Garcia, Ekachai Jearakul, and Rovshan Mamedkuliev.

As a teacher, Daniel has guided students to earn A+ marks in RCM exams, and earn gold medals in Kiwanis competitions. He has a wide array of teaching experiences ranging from coaching a guitar ensemble made up of advanced high school students, to teaching children of six from scratch. Daniel’s extensive experience and rigorous training make him an ideal for the advanced, or intermediate student and he loves to help his students maximize their potential and improve as quickly as possible. That being said, he is a patient and understanding teacher who is not afraid to adjust his approach for students with different goals and learning styles.

Daniel’s speciality is the classical/Spanish guitar which he has studied vigorously for nine years. Before that, he played and took lessons for acoustic and electric for many years. More recently he has been taking a deeper look at jazz and flamenco music. Although most of his students learn to read all common forms of notation (sheet music, tablature and chord charts), beginners also learn music by example and explanation so that are able to start making music right away. Daniel welcomes students who want to learn any style of guitar. Regardless which style it, he will guide them to develop technical proficiency and a strong sense of musicianship.

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