Denny Copf: Guitar Teacher

Denny Copf

Pop, Rock, Funk, Blues, R’n’B, Soul and Singer/Songwriter Genres

Denny is a rock musician, band leader and song writer with a passion for teaching music. His boundless enthusiasm for seeing growth in his students is contagious. He is dedicated to helping his students achieve their musical goals and establish strong musical foundations.

Denny has a grounded approach to making music work for each individual. As a teacher, he is creative, encouraging, passionate and loves finding what inspires his student to excel in music. He works to gain a deep understanding of each student’s unique ability and tailors lessons to be engaging, enlightening and fun! By finding the best way for his students to learn the basics and form a strong foundation he hopes to start his students on a long fruitful music journey.

Denny has been playing the guitar since he was 9 and continued playing guitar in school bands. He is a multi-instrumentalist that plays guitar, alto saxophone and sings. He graduated from the Independent Music Production program at Seneca College which focused on songwriting, recording, producing and music theory. He has a great deal of experience playing shows all over Toronto and southern Ontario, you may even see him play with his band Tomacco. He as written several songs for his band and has recorded in a number of studios including The Voodoo Lounge and Iguana Studio. He self-recorded his first five-song EP in 2017 and has a 2nd release coming up soon.

With a love of a wide variety of music, Denny teaches pop, rock, funk, blues, R’n’B, soul and singer/songwriter genres. Helping a student find their own musical voice is at the core of Denny’s teaching goals. Denny will teach you how to play your favourite songs, use practical theory, write songs, and develop performance skills. From reading notes on the staff to connecting to your audience Denny has got you covered. With his experience in musical equipment retail, he can even help you figure out what is the best music gear for your style of music and show you how to use it and maintain it effectively. Denny’s diversity of experience allows you to have lessons uniquely tailored to you or your child’s needs.

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