James Duff: Advanced Guitar, Bass & Ukulele Teacher

James Duff Guitar Ukulele Bass Teacher Toronto

James Duff

Guitarist, Ukeist, Bassist, World Musician

As an Educator, James maintains an adaptive, positive and enthusiastic teaching approach. He ably teaches genres of classical music, rock, metal, pop, jazz, Celtic, as well as some facets of the music traditions of Indian or Middle Eastern origin. James continuously finds new and creative ways to adapt his teaching style to each individual student depending on their interests and skill set.

James started his musical journey playing the guitar at the age of 13. He has since attended Dalhousie University for classical guitar and plays and writes for a wide variety of instruments. He is highly interested in composition and has written pieces performed by The Halifax Music Co-op Orchestra, and has performed a work for viola and percussion at the Halifax Obey festival. In Toronto, he continues to petition choir conductors to play his compositions and is starting to perform in a small ensemble playing Western classical arrangements of Persian folk songs.

James continues to study, and has a strong grounding in Western music theory, teaches classical, jazz, rock, metal, pop, middle eastern and Indian and Celtic styles. He continues to teach guitar, and other plucked strings including mandolin, bass, ukulele, sarod, as well as flute, recorder, and percussion (drum set, dumbek, frame drum, tabla).

After receiving a wide range of different teaching styles, James has adapted many teaching techniques stemming from a wide range of traditions for the greater benefit of his students. His teaching strategies in especially rhythm (with the use of spoken rhythmic syllables) have proved to be highly beneficial to students of all ages and abilities and continuously sees them grasping ever growing rhythmic phrases before even playing it. He adapts a variety of creative angles to problem solve and has learned how to accommodate a wide variety of different learning abilities. He thoroughly understands how people learn differently from each and always enjoys the challenge of presenting important musical concepts in fun and encouraging ways.

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