Matheus Caldas: Guitar and Musical Composition Instructor

Matheus Caldas teaches guitar and musical composition for Rock, Blues, Jazzm and Fusion in Toronto

Matheus Caldas

Guitar and Musical Composition Instructor

Matheus Caldas is above all a lover of music. For him music is a very important and crucial form of communication and expression and he believes that any musical instrument can become, through practice and dedication, an extension of one’s most true self.

Born in Brazil, he picked up the guitar at the age 13, becoming a self-taught guitarist until the age of 25 when he entered York University’s music program and started taking lessons with guitar master Robb Cappelletto. In the last couple of years, he has been doing workshops and studying with other well-accomplished Toronto musicians such as Artie Roth, Kelly Jefferson as well as L.A. based Brazilian singer Luciana Souza.

Besides having a background in Brazilian music, he has played in a variety of rock bands. More recently, he has been playing in jazz groups, fusion music projects, and even at an electro-acoustic orchestra. He also composes music for feature films and has a solo project called The Nobody, in which he produces, writes and plays alternative-experimental rock music. His experience gathered by performing and exploring different genres makes him a well-rounded musician that is always learning new techniques and concepts.

He has an enthusiastic and holistic approach to teaching music, using examples from a wide repertoire of musical genres to explain the foundations of Western music. “All forms of music are equally important.” Says Matheus “I could teach you Greensleeves, a guitar piece that was written over 500 years ago, or Riptide by Vance Joy; at the end of the day you would be playing the same chords on the guitar!”

His passion for music is inspiring and he advocates that everyone has an inner creative voice that should be heard. His teaching method is very flexible and fun, providing every student with a customized lesson that will allow them to effortlessly evolve in their instrument.

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