Jameson Mosher ( Musical Theatre Artist, Music Educator, Vocal Coach & Guitar Instructor for Beginners)

Jameson Mosher

Musical Theatre Artist, Music Educator, Vocal Coach & Guitar Instructor for Beginners

Jameson Mosher is a passionate, upbeat, upcoming musical theatre artist and musician hailing from the land of Mi’kma’ki, which is colonially known as Nova Scotia. With a decade of theatre experience, Jameson strives to inspire, support, and ignite fires within students who have a passion for the arts. He is newly graduated from Sheridan College, with a goal of defining what it means to be a musical theatre artist of the next generation! Let’s play!

Jameson was suggested theatre by his fourth grade French teacher, who told him that he was too “theatrical” while learning the French songs in class. He then jumped into a theatre camp and fell in love with theatre, not stopping since 2011. Realizing that this art form was very important to him, Jameson took part in vocal lessons, studying classical voice and competing in music festivals in many different categories such as Jazz, Folk, Art, and Language, as well as musical theatre. As he got older, Jameson worked and played at Neptune Theatre: teaching students at their summer theatre camps, joining their Youth Performance Company, and their Prep program, which helped him to realize his artistry and audition for post-secondary theatre schools. Jameson just recently graduated from Sheridan College with an Honours Bachelor degree in Music Theatre Performance, with specialized training in Directing. 

Jameson offers an array of skills to enhance your musical performances, such as vocal lessons, or guitar lessons, both of which must tell a story! His goal with vocal lessons would be to make sure that his students have strong, healthy vocal habits in order to branch off to other styles of singing. He believes that the foundations of classical voice are applied to every style of vocalization, even acting for the stage. Jameson offers teaching musical theatre voice, CCM voice, rock voice, and foundations of classical voice, as well as teaching guitar to beginners! 

The vocal classes that Jameson teaches have a focus on storytelling: If the intention in the story is clear, the voice will follow suit! His teaching style can adapt to any student, as he understands every student learns a different way. Jameson wants his students to be passionate, engaged, and willing to try new things so they can leave his lessons challenged, encouraged, and determined. There is never a finished product in his classes, just processes. Within his vocal classes, music theory, vocal pedagogy, and acting strategies will be utilized! 

Guitar lessons that Jameson offers are catered to beginners of the instrument, and students who want to play and sing at the same time for those classic campfire nights (the focus on storytelling still applies!). Having 8+ years of guitar experience, Jameson offers knowledge on chords, scales, and foundational tools that help you learn more on your own! 

If you are someone who wants to pursue theatre, or let your voice soar during karaoke, or accompany yourself at campfire sing-a-longs, Jameson can assure you that he will take pride in you and make sure that every lesson is full of fun! Join Jameson as his youth discovers what defining artistry can come out of the next generation! 

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