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Juan Toledo


Juan Toledo Guitar teacher

About Me

Elite Music is happy to have Juan Toledo join its team of professionals Juan is an an experienced flamenco artist with an interest in world music including rock, South African and ethnic music.

Juan has studied with guitar masters Diego del Morao, Santiago Lara and Miguel De La Bastide. He has toured with Jessie Cook, the Carmen Romero Dance Company, and accompanied Maria Serrano for years.

As a teacher, Juan Dino follows the philosophy… “When the student is ready, the teacher shall appear.” (Tao Te Ching) He offers flamenco guitar lessons at Elite Music, the way the original flamenco guitar teachers passed their artistry from one generation to the next. personally, from the oral tradition, with a lot of give and take, observation and feedback.

Juan’s beginner students are introduced to the simple rhythms like Tangos, Farruca, Rumba, and graduate to more complex rhythms/compas such as Alegrias, Bulerias, and Solea. If you have previous experience, Juan Dino will work with you to find the best starting point, meeting you where you are, and providing building blocks to help you find your unique guitar “voice”.

Juan Dino works across genres. Besides flamenco he plays world music, rock, South American music styles, and experimental soundscapes. Currently you can hear his new release Samsara, and his band Santerias, on CBC.

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