March Break Songwriting Camp

March Break Songwriting Course in Toronto

Starts: March 9 – 13th, 2019
Cost $499
Schedule: 9am – 4pm
Ages: 12-17

Welcome to Songwriting 101! During this 5 day camp, students will learn all the fundamentals of writing a good song and even get the chance to record an actual demo of the song(s) they create during the week.

Students will cover the basics of what makes a good song and throughout the course of the camp, they will write both on their own, and in a group to encourage the magic of co-writing and collaboration.

We will start by learning the most common chord progressions used in songwriting (although we absolutely encourage straying from the norm if the student wishes to explore and experiment with less common chord progressions!), as well as creating approachable, yet unique melodic phrasing. Following chord progressions, we will tackle the structure of a song and how that continues to evolve (verse, chorus, bridge, pre-chorus, tag, etc).

Next, we will learn about lyrics- what makes a good one? What makes a lyric universal and relatable? What is your song’s concept? What message do you want to relay to the listener?

In summary, the Elite Songwriting Camp is a CRASH course for both beginner songwriters and those with substantial songwriting experience. Every good songwriter knows that there is ALWAYS more to learn and always an even better song to be written than the last.

Here at Elite Music Academy, we look forward to getting creative with you and honing in on your inner songwriter! Let’s write some hits!

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    About Theo Tams

    Theo Tams Vocal Voice Singing Piano Teacher Toronto Canadian Idol Winner

    Theo Tams

    Theo Tams is a Canadian Radio Music Award and Gemini nominated singer/songwriter now living in Toronto after winning the 6th and final season of Canadian Idol. He’s had 3 top 10 hits on AC radio in Canada including the number 1 song “Do You Hear What I Hear”. With almost a decade of professional industry experience, Theo knows how to bring the best out of the students he teaches ensuring that they reach their full potential not only as a vocalist but as an artist.

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