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This summer your child can be away from unproductive and antisocial activities and instead can learn to sing, play instruments, and create music! ALL while gaining the amazing benefits music provides such as increased creativity, confidence, concentration, and even memory! These benefits will strongly reflect on their grades when they go back to school!

Our programs are designed to be fun and interactive. Our goal is to teach young musicians how to develop their inner musical skills to their full potential! Here are the camps we offer to kids ages 8-16:

Song Writing Camp

In Intro to Song Writing, students will develop the essential building blocks of writing music and lyrics. At the end of this five-day course, every student will have written TWO fully completed original songs (one alone and one in a small group). They will learn the basics of rhythm, rhyme, melody, and harmony, to give students more tools to express themselves creatively through song. Basic understanding of the keyboard, chords and access to a keyboard is suggested to follow along in this class. (If the student is adept at another instrument, such as the guitar or a ukulele that should work fine! If the student do NOT play an instrument, they can still move forward with LOOPS)

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Band Camp

We offer band camp for young musicians that want to learn to play an instrument of their choice step by step and sing alongside their friends! students have the opportunity to create music while having fun and developing strong friendships with their band members. In this camp students can experience the thrill of being a rockstar by performing their favorite song to a live audience and by starring in their very own music video!

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Music Theatre Camp

Our Music Theater Camp is a mixture of song and stage performance. Students explore & concentrate on the songs, plot, story, characters and dramatization of a musical. They will be coached in stage presence, delivery, and dramatic awareness. This camp does not require an audition and is full of exciting activities and inspirational training that build confidence, teamwork, and self-esteem as well as providing the essential skills for the performing arts

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Little Kids Camp

Our Little Kids Summer Rock Camp is especially designed for kids of ages 8-16. This program is taught by real musicians using unique methods which will have students playing full songs in no time helping them become rock stars alongside their band members! Students will focus on songwriting, singing, and musicianship. Inspire your child’s love of learning in our delightfully engaging summer camps. Best of all, every one of the camp activities includes music, singing, instruments, and performing. These activities are specially designed to nurture your child’s natural curiosity, expand their horizons, increasing the love of music, and drawing them toward creativity, new concepts, and new big ideasp> Learn More

Vocal Intensive Camp

in our vocal intensive camp taught by the amazingly talented alex capo students will acquire the skills to be vocalists and performers. not only will they learn from this talented instructor but they will also perform for each other in a very low pressure, comfortable environment. Students will have a chance to cover and record their favorite song which they can keep for personal use and also perform this song in front of a live audience! This performance will be filmed (with your permission of course) and provided to the student so you can always cherish this wonderful memory.

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