Online Greek Bouzouki Lessons

Online Greek Bouzouki Lessons

Located in Toronto

We hire the most qualified greek bouzouki teachers in Toronto, based on the highest possible standards in education and experience.

Rare Online Greek Bouzouki Lessons in Toronto

The best Greek bouzouki lessons in Toronto can only be found in Greek Town on the Danforth, where the bittersweet sounds of the bouzouki spill out on the streets. Elite Music Academy is home to the exceptionally talented bouzouki maestro, Tasos Isaakidis.

With the Greek bouzouki, students can cover a broad range of styles and explore folk music and fusion up and down the Mediterranean and Middle East. Whether you’re into bouzoukia night club music like skyládiko or laïkó or perhaps something more traditional like nisiotika or éntekhno, Tasos can teach it all. In addition to learning how to play and care for the bouzouki, you’ll learn music theory as it relates to the scales, modes, and rhythms of Greece

Our bouzouki students have the option to join our school’s Greek band which often plays at Taste of the Danforth or local Greek tavernas along the Danforth. Students will get to record their music professionally and perform live at our Spring and Winter school concerts.

Elite Music Academy has always been home to the best Greek bouzouki lessons in Toronto, if you’re interested in Greek bouzouki lessons, Tasos will help get you playing in no time!

Now Available: Online Bouzouki Lessons

Has there ever been a better time to pick up a new instrument or hone your skills?

That’s why Elite Music Academy now offers Greek Bouzouki lessons online for all skills levels! Whether you’re from Toronto or not, now you have the opportunity to connect with some of the most experienced and talented musicians available and achieve your music dreams.

Pick your time, pick your teacher, and get started! We even offer a 30 minute trial for only $25 to help you find the perfect fit.

Check out our Online Music Lessons page for more information on how you can get started today!

A One-of-a-Kind Music

You are unique… and so is Elite Music Academy!

Unlike many Toronto music schools, Elite Music Academy accepts students of all ages and skill levels who are passionate about learning every facet of musical performance. Whether you want to be a rock star, or simply hone your craft – we can help!

With three locations in Toronto, plus all of our lessons streamlined for online learning while social distancing measures are in place, we are doing everything possible to make sure our students feel safe and taken care of in order to reach their goals.

Elite Music Academy prides itself on selecting the top talent in Toronto to work with our students. Many of our teachers are well-known musicians in the local music scene and come with extensive and diverse musical backgrounds. They are committed to providing fun, inclusive and rewarding music lessons. Our staff is like family – and we treat each of our students the same.

Greek bouzouki Lessons in Toronto

Greek bouzouki Lessons Online