Brendan Curry: Pianist, Guitarist, and Drummer

Brendan Curry Music Teacher Piano Guitar Drums Rock Band

Brendan Curry

Pianist, Drummer, Guitarist

With many years of experience teaching music to students of all ages and backgrounds, Brendan possesses a genuine passion for music.

He enjoys helping students develop their innate talent and achieve their musical goals by emphasizing the fundamentals, reinforcing the principles of focus, repetition and discipline while at the same time encouraging creativity, humour, a sense of discovery and of course, fun! He employs a fun, enthusiastic, yet patient approach to teaching, one that seeks to recognize and develop each student’s unique abilities/weaknesses while remaining mindful of their personal musical ambitions, tastes and motivations.

A creative thinker who maintains a flexible and adaptive approach to teaching, Brendan aims to develop lesson plans that inspire and relate to each individual student’s unique skill-set and personality. Brendan’s versatility as a music educator is reflected in his background teaching acoustic folk and fingerstyle guitar, electric guitar, ukulele, electric bass guitar, drums and piano. He is comfortable teaching a wide variety of genres including pop, modern and classic rock, country, jazz-fusion, blues, funk, R’n’B, soul, as well as other contemporary styles. This versatility and musical open-mindedness assists in accommodating each student’s unique musical tastes and goals. Besides the obvious goal of helping develop and refine a student’s instrumental prowess, he also aims to inspire and enhance a student’s overall appreciation and understanding of their particular instrument, its place in history as well as music in general.

Brendan truly believes in the positive power and potential of music and is always seeking out new ways to learn, grow and refine his skills as a music teacher in Toronto. Throughout the years he has absorbed and learned much from his peers and students and continues to work on developing his skills in the fields of education, composition and music therapy.

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