Denise Fung: Classical Piano and Harp Educator

Denise Fung teaches classical harp and piano lessons in Toronto

Denise Fung

Pianist & Harpst

Denise is a classically-trained harpist and pianist originally from Hong Kong! While she performs classical music at weddings and corporate events, Denise also has experience in a wide variety of musical styles, such as pop, Celtic and jazz music. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, Denise believes in maintaining a fun and encouraging learning environment for all students!

While earning her Bachelor of Music Degree at Wilfrid Laurier University, Denise specialized in classical harp performance. She has 10 years of performance experience and has performed extensively in recitals, operas, chamber groups and orchestra concerts as a harpist and a pianist in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Beijing, and of course Canada!

Denise is passionate working with students of all ages and abilities. With experience teaching children with special needs, she can adapt her lesson plans in order to accommodate each individual’s talents and challenges.

As a teacher, Denise enjoys teaching pop, classical and Celtic music. She always creates a fun and encouraging learning environment for all. Not only does she help others develop strong music techniques, she also finds it incredibly rewarding when students are confident and passionate in their playing.

Whether you want to learn piano for the first time, see a harp in real life, to perform at music festivals or to prepare for Royal Conservatory Exams, Denise will adapt to your learning style and help you reach your full music potential, while having remarkable time in each piano/harp lesson!

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