Joel Schaefer: Piano and Voice Teacher

Joel Schaefer teaches piano and voice lessons at our music school in Toronto and North York

Joel Schaefer

Pianist & Singer

Joel Schaefer is a Voice and Piano teacher with 10 years of experience teaching students from Kindergarten to Retirement. He fuels a student’s passion and harnesses his love of music and strong technical basis to help bring you to the next level. Learn to unleash your voice and own your artistry!

Joel Schaefer is a Voice and Piano teacher for Elite Music, as well as a professional Actor, Singer, Dancer, and Music Director. He has been singing since the first possible second of his life and has been playing the piano for over fifteen years.

Joel’s experience as a voice teacher is in a multitude of different styles, including Musical Theatre, Classical, Pop, Jazz, Rock, and most other styles you can think of. He trained at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, where he graduated with a Master of Arts in Musical Theatre, as well as Randolph College for the Performing Arts in Toronto. As a professional performer, he has been on stages across the country, including the Four Seasons Centre, Roy Thomson Hall, Theatre Calgary, and Young People’s Theatre, plus many others!

His teaching style is very focused on individual students, and their goals, interests, and passion. His job is to help develop a student’s love of the art of music and use his skills to deepen and diversify that interest. He always begins teaching by asking what the student’s interests and passions are, as well as why they decided to take lessons. Students may be interested in a structured classical approach, or a loose, eclectic learning style, or anything in between; he is happy to work with any curriculum structure in order to fuel that love and passion.

He comes to teaching Voice and Singing with experience in various different styles and techniques (including Estill, Bel Canto, Speech Level, and a mix of many other styles) he is able to adapt to a student’s strong points and continue to work on those, as well as helping to develop parts of the voice that still need some attention. His teaching style is always based solidly in technique and vocal health, with proper production and support being paramount. He is here to help you find your natural voice, and use that to have the voice you’ve always dreamed of.

The piano is a more recent, but just as fervent passion for Joel. He has been playing since he was seven but is spending more and more time working on his style and technique. Just as with Voice, he approaches piano from a base of technique while still leaving lots of room for an individual student’s interests. He enjoys teaching classical, sheet music-based curricula, but is especially comfortable teaching more contemporary styles, using chords and style to play in unique ways.

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