The Best Saxophone, Clarinet, and Flute Lessons in Toronto

Hard-to-find Wind Instrument Lessons in Toronto!

We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but we’ve got the best saxophone and clarinet teachers in town! These deeply expressive woodwinds take a lot of skill to play. To succeed, you need a skilled music teacher and a supportive school to get from those early squawks into a beautiful music – whether it be jazz, blues, classical or rock.

Elite Music Academy prides itself on well-rounded music education, ensuring that our students get exceptional lessons and opportunities to progress as a musician. We provide $23 trial lessons so you can meet the teacher first before registering.

As a performance-based music school, we arrange opportunities for students to perform at popular venues around Toronto. Our music school also has two large Winter and Spring recitals in a professional theatre. Regardless of whether you play sax or clarinet, kids ages 10-17 are welcome to join our Rock Band course to gain experience playing in a group and developing musicianship.

Saxophones make a great addition to our summer Toronto Music Camp, where kids and teens learn how to play in a band and make music videos. We don’t mean to toot our own horn here, but whether your ambition is to play in a jazz ensemble or Honk Fest, Elite Music Academy has you covered with exceptional teachers and prices.

Sax Lessons in Toronto That Don’t Blow

  • Private with experienced music teachers
    Learn jazz, rock, or classical music. All ages and skill levels welcome.
  • $23 trial music lesson. No obligation to register.
    Have questions? Meet the teacher first and try a single lesson first.
  • Join a summer camp or rock band
    Our Music Camp and Rock Band is perfect for sax players.
  • Free two-month instrument rental
    Don’t buy a sax or clarinet until you’re certain this is truly for you.
  • Perform around Toronto.
    Perform on stage at our school concerts. Record with our sound engineer.
  • Fair and affordable
    We’ve got super lesson fees and policies and we’re open 7 days a week.
  • Professional classrooms
    Our music studios are clean, welcoming, and run on time!
  • Safe
  • All our music teachers must pass a Vulnerable Sector Check

Woodwind Lessons Toronto

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Music Students of Elite Music Academy

Our Woodwind and Brass Teachers

Jacob Gorzhaltsan Saxophone Lessons Toronto

Jacob Gorzhaltsan

Jacob Gorzhaltsan is a versatile multi-instrumentalist based in Toronto, with a depth of experience in performance and pedagogy. His teaching style is honest and personal, catering to the specific needs of every student. With an open approach that encourages musical individuality and creativity, Jacob makes it a priority to expand his students’ technical/theoritecal knowledge, as well as supporting and helping them advance in their pursuit of music and the creative arts.

Jacqueline Verellen Singing Lessons Toronto

Jacqueline Verellen

Jacqueline teaches vocals, flute, piano, ukulele, guitar, songwriting, and group classes. Her style includes classical, opera, jazz, theatre, country, pop, and rock! As a recent graduate in Opera performance, a Canada-wide vocal, acting and songwriting winner, Jacqueline ensures you will be equipped with all the tools you need to wow audiences, slay contests and performances, and dabble in all areas of musical expertise!

Ben Macdonald Saxophone Clarinet Music Theory Teacher Toronto

Ben MacDonald

Ben is a saxophone, clarinet and music theory specialist! “From jazz to classical, Klezmer to African music. If you can hear it, we can play it!”

Top Reasons to Learn Saxophone

1. A talented saxophonist is hard to find these days. You’ll always have a job.
2. Saxophones are versatile for jazz, soul, classical, and marching bands.
3. You could play in a hipsteresque, street band at Honkfest!
4. There are 9 different sizes of saxophone to suit people of all sizes.
5. It’s social! Wind instruments sound better when played in a group.
6. Harder to learn than piano or guitar, you’ll learn patience and perseverance.
7. Wind instruments are light, portable, and don’t require amplification.
8. Physical benefits: improve your lung capacity and abdominal/core strength.
9. The brain health benefits of taking music lessons are endless.
10. Look cool. Just add a pair of Ray Ban shades and a jean jacket.

Wind Instrument Lessons FAQ

Does your music school have recitals or shows?

Yes! We’re a performance based music school! You can also toot your horn at any of these open mic venues on The Danforth.

How do I find the best sax or wind instrument teacher?

We’ll provide you with a trial sax lesson. Here’s 6 things you should consider when shopping for a woodwind teacher.

Is it true that it’s never too late to learn saxophone?

Adults face different challenges than kids when taking sax lessons for the first time. Here some great tips to succeed.

Do you rent saxophones, flutes, and clarinets?

Unfortunately, we don’t rent wind instruments. However, we can special order them for you at rock-bottom prices. We will beat any price for the same model sold in any Toronto-area music shop.