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In this course, we will develop the essential building blocks of writing music and lyrics. At the end of this five-day course, every student will have written TWO fully completed original songs (one alone and one in a small group). We will learn the basics of rhythm, rhyme, melody, and harmony, to give students more tools to express themselves creatively through song.


Basic understanding of the keyboard and chords and access to a keyboard is suggested to follow along in this class. (If you are adept at another instrument, such as the guitar or a ukulele, just let me know. I teach from a piano, but if you are comfortable on another instrument, that should work fine! If you do NOT play an instrument, we can still move forward with LOOPS)



DAY 1 – We will go over the different sections of the song, including the verse, the chorus, and the bridge, and the role that each plays in the song. I will also teach the students how to do an object write. They will complete an object write and create a short song section for homework to present in the next class.


DAY 2 – We will discuss writing chord progressions and melodies. Students will learn a few common chord progressions and how to construct a melody that is singable and compliments their lyrics. We will also go over the homework and talk about developing our songs. Homework will be to write another song section to develop.


DAY 3 – We will talk about different types of rhymes and rhyme schemes, and how to use them in our songs. We will also discuss how to vary line lengths to make our songs more interesting. Students will continue working on their songs for homework.


DAY 4 – We will discuss writing song sections with a central metaphor and do a fun exercise to practice. We will start to finish up and fine tune our songs, and I will answer any questions the students have concerning their final songs. Students will finish their songs for homework.


DAY 5 – Final touches and performance week! Each student will present their final song to the class, either playing live or sharing an MP3 recording. We will all give everyone some positive feedback on their songs and we’ll end the class on a high note!

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