Theo Tams

Voice Instructor

Theo is a Canadian Radio Music Award and Gemini nominated singer/songwriter. After winning the 6th season of Canadian Idol, he’s had 3 top 10 hits on AC radio in Canada including the #1 song “Do You Hear What I Hear”. With a decade of professional industry experience, Theo knows how to bring the best out of his students ensuring that they reach their full potential.

Theo Tams was born in the small town of Coaldale, Alberta and has released 4 albums including the Canadian Radio Music Award-nominated “Sing” from his debut album “Give It All Away”. After winning Canadian Idol 2008, he wowed not only the judges but the country with his powerhouse vocals and his innate ability to interpret songs from all genres while maintaining a strong sense of self as well as his unique piano-driven sound. Since the show, he has toured extensively across Canada, even performing for the troops in Afghanistan on Canada Day in 2012.

When it comes to teaching, Theo takes a unique approach catering to the needs of each individual student. “Every student is different, some may require a bit more of a focus on technique and breathing, while others need to pay a bit more attention to tone and the timbre in their voice” he says. “When I think back on my time as a student, my best teachers really knew how to take what was a natural talent and help me mold it and shape it into the voice and talent I have today, and that is my approach- taking what they bring to the table and not trying to change it, but help steer it in the right direction. I think that’s where you really start to see incredible results, and quickly”.

As an artist himself, Theo understands stage fright and performance anxiety (he still gets it sometimes!) but teaches his students ways to conquer these and to use those nerves to their advantage. He works in a variety of genres with Pop and RnB being his main focus, however, being classically trained in operatic performance he understands the fundamentals of both classical technique and musical theatre. He really loves working with students who have varied interests in music (multiple genres, songwriting, etc) and finds that the more variety the better when it comes to reaching musical goals.

His latest EP “Call The Doctor” can be found on all streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, iTunes) and can be found online through social media.

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