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Glee club is a show choir based program that offers students training in voice, dance and acting. Students choose a theme at the beginning of the program that resonates with everyone such as bullying, self-love or the pursuit of happiness. Together we will then find songs that support the message they want to send within that theme. Those songs will be mashed-up to create a compilation/medley of songs in a sequence that creates authentic and original music and show. This program is designed not only to train students in the three disciplines of performance but to also give them the confidence to have a voice and emote through music.

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Glee Club Singing Dancing Musical Theatre School Lessons Classes

September 2019 to June 2020

Cost: $32 per class
8-16 yrs: Tuesdays at Riverdale Presbyterian Church (662 Pape Ave) from 4:30 – 5:30pm

Learn to harmonize

  • Creating mash-ups of your favourite songs
  • Training in dance, learning choreography
  • Self-confidence
  • Team building
  • Collaborative and creative experience
  • One on one and group vocal training
  • Record in studio
  • Live performance opportunities
  • Special guest teachers from the industry

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Glee Club Breakdown


On a typical day, students begin their class with a group vocal warm up. They will learn how to warm up their voices in an effective and healthy way. Together they will participate in scales and vocal exercises that will help to develop range, agility and projection.  When it comes to the show, along with group vocals, they will also be assigned to solo, duet and trio parts.


Students will also be conducted in a dance warm up.  The dance portion of this program is driven through LMA (Laban movement analysis).  LMA is a method and language for describing, visualizing, interpreting and documenting human movement.  LMA is great for teaching movement especially for students who do not have a background in dance.  It is important as a well-rounded performer that the students learn how to connect voice (what they are saying) with their movements.


Harmonizing is a skill and asset to any performer.  Glee class provides students with the training to pick up and understand harmonies.  Harmony is when you are singing above or below the main melody line, to create a fuller sound.

Why Glee Club?

Glee club is great for aspiring singers and performers because it gives students the opportunity to explore all aspects of performing.  They are getting training in not only voice but dance, composing, harmonizing and acting as well.  It allows students the freedom to create and have a voice through music. This is a great class to get students out of their shell, be pushed to their full potential and find the confidence that only a roaring round of applause can achieve!

Class Fees and Policies

You must sign our policy agreement before the first class.