Toronto Glee Club for Kids: Sing, Dance, and Perform!

Toronto Glee Club

Glee Club Runs September 2016 to June 2017!

Ages 10-13, Wednesdays @ 5:30pm or 7:00pm
Sep 14 – Dec 14, 2016, 14 classes
Jan 7 – Jun 17, 2017, 23 classes

Ages 6-9
, Saturdays @ 4pm
Sep 17 – Dec 17, 2016, 14 classes
Jan 4 – Jun 21, 2017, 24 classes

$32 per class plus $40 annual registration fee

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What is Glee Club?
Glee Club is for boys and girls aged 6-9 and 10-13 interested in learning about voice, performance, harmonization and what it means to have great stage presence. They will spend each week learning and rehearsing group songs in the pop/rock/music theatre genre as well as basic dance and choreography. The children will collaborate with their instructor and build a live show at the end of each term. This is a fun way for your child to discover their inner pop/rock star.

What We Do
On a typical day, students begin their hour class with a group vocal warm up. They will learn how to warm up their voices in an effective and healthy way. Together they will participate in scales and vocal exercises that will help to develop range, agility and projection.

Throughout the class they will also learn the basics of vocal harmonization. Splitting the class into a melody line and a harmony line and training them to not only stay on their individual vocal line, but to also listen to each other.

As a group we discuss musical styles that the students are interested in and pick 2-3 songs that they would like to sing at the end of semester performance. Once those songs are chosen we spend the majority of the hour session working on those songs, deciding solo lines, harmonies and how we will arrange the song.

The students also spend a portion of the class learning basic choreography for the songs they’ve chosen.

Glee club is great for aspiring singers and performers because it gives students the opportunity to bond with kids their age with similar interests and start them off early learning how to not only sing, but also sing with other people and listen to each other. This is a great class to help kids really get out of their shell and find the confidence that only a roaring round of applause can achieve!

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Meet the Teachers!


Jaclyn has been in the music and performance industry for over a decade. She specialises in rock and musical theatre.
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Trained in musical theatre, classical voice, and digital music production, Sappho explores all facets of the performing arts.
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