Justin Azerrad: Violin Teacher

Justin Azerrad Violin Teacher Toronto Lessons

Justin Azerrad

Violin Teacher

Justin Azerrad is an experienced violinist who is a part of the Undergraduate Violin Performance program at the University of Toronto, under the study of Erika Raum.

His accomplishments include touring with chamber groups across Europe, getting accepted into the National Youth Orchestra (2016), performing at the Prime Minister’s residence on several occasions, acting as concertmaster of several different orchestras and chamber groups in the Ottawa and Toronto area, and participating in numerous provincial performance competitions.

Justin has been studying violin since he was four years of age and has worked as a private violin teacher for four years. During this time period, he has worked both as an independent teacher and as a teacher in a studio under the supervision of Mr Chris Yanakis.

He specialises in classical music training (including theory and ear training), but is malleable and can proficiently teach fiddle, blues, pop, and rock as well. He is a multi-instrumentalist and can teach and perform piano and guitar as well.

Justin is capable of teaching those of any age and aiding them in their own personal musical journey, whether it be just for a hobby or to excel to an advanced level of performance. He is a very organised teacher and individualises his teaching style to fit the individual, planning out each of his lessons carefully. He makes his lessons engaging and interesting, motivating the student to excel to the best of their ability.

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