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Ada Balon

Singing and Piano Lessons

When Ada’s not singing up a storm, she’s acting on television shows, commercials and providing her voice to several popular animated series! Classically-trained, Ada believes in building technique, and having fun! Study with her, and you’ll be singing like a bird! Ada also enjoys working with budding pianists and has a lot of experience preparing students for RCM exams.

Ada first began teaching singing and piano 15 years ago.  Having been classically trained herself, she is very comfortable and familiar with preparing students for Royal Conservatory exams.  Ada holds her grade 10 RCM singing, grade nine RCM piano, and corresponding theory, as well as a BFA in Theatre with a specialization in acting, from York University.  Ada understands both the value of strong technique and preparation, but also the importance of telling a story through performance.  Ada approaches lessons with a strong emphasis on musical knowledge and proficiency, with an equally important emphasis on the performance itself.  Because Ada is an actor in addition to being a musician, she feels that the primary purpose of a performance is to tell a story.  If the performer is having fun telling the story, then the audience is automatically entertained!  This is especially important for budding singers.

It’s important to Ada that her students are always having fun while learning!  Life is busy, and the life of a student in our world is full of homework, studying, exams, and expectations.  The whole point of music and the arts is that it feeds our souls, inspires us, and ultimately provides us with another skill to add to our toolbox!  That is why balance is key:  as teachers, we must balance practise and discipline, with the reward of enjoyment.  As a teacher, Ada will expect students to always do their best, but the end purpose is always joy.  The reason why we practise our scales over and over again, is to feel the excitement and accomplishment of being able to play them well once we are more proficient. Ada likes to reward students written feedback, incentives like achieving a good grade on an upcoming exam, or encouraging them to prepare songs for public performance.  All of these goals are good examples of ways that students can reach a higher level with that extra little encouragement or goal setting.

Some students of Ada’s have gone on to continue studying music, while others have used what they’ve learned in music to help them in other areas of study.  Being able to sing expressively and confidently in front of an audience can give a student the confidence to tackle other things too!  Sometimes singing or piano can be a springboard for taking other healthy risks in life:  like public-speaking, or leading a team in a school project.  When you gain confidence with music, the sky’s the limit on what you can achieve in other areas of life or study.  That is why Ada loves teaching music and being a positive influence in student’s lives.

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