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Anna Moreau Toronto Singing Piano Lessons

Anna Moreau

Singing and Piano Lessons

My name is Anna Moreau. I am a singer, performer, and teacher from Newfoundland and Labrador and I am passionate about all styles of music, music learning and vocal production.

I have a Masters in Music and Literature from the University of Western Ontario and a Bachelors of Music and a Bachelor’s Music Education from Memorial University.

I teach all levels of singing and styles; beginner piano; songwriting, direct choirs; and children’s group classes. I love the enthusiastic six-year-old who discovers the joy of music-making and performing; the teenager who finally sets their poems to music and discovers they are actually good; or the soprano who finally achieves that open breath that helps her sing with resonance.

My goal is to help singers find a healthy singing voice in all styles of singing using breath control and conscious control of voice resonance. I believe everyone should create music. One of my joys is helping those who once identified as non-musicians to transform into musicians. I love all styles of music but my education was focused on classical singing.

I encourage my students to participate in music festivals and local productions.  I am proud to have supported and guided my students to achieve lead roles in local theatre productions, win competitions and to prepare them to be accepted into competitive university music programs.

Voice Lessons

I teach healthy singing and for older singers conscious control of vocal resonance. That means I teach you how to manipulate your voice so you choose your style of singing sound without hurting yourself. This is done with breath control, experimentation and lots of laughter. In your voice lessons we will focus on learning basic rudiments, rhythm reading and sight singing. Dubbed the “Singing Scientist” by one of my teenage choristers, I believe that vocal learning should be a mix of vocal science, methodology and laughter.

Beginner Piano Lessons

I help students find the joy of playing piano. In our lessons, I focus on the fundamentals of music (rhythm, note reading and healthy hand position) We also work on improvisation and songwriting.

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