Zain Solinski: Piano Instructor

Zain Solinski


Zain Solinski is a young, up and coming pianist recently established in Toronto. Classically trained from a young age, Zain nonetheless posses a sustaining passion for all swathes of music. He hopes to endow this lifelong passion in all his students; enriching their lives and communities through the meaningful pursuit of music.

Pianist Zain Solinski is an up and coming performer and teacher, cultivating a performance career in classical, contemporary, chamber, and vocal music. He began piano lessons in his hometown of Lethbridge, Alberta at the age of 6, winning many prizes at local and provincial music festivals. He recently graduated from Western University where he pursued a Master’s Degree in Collaborative Piano Performance. In 2018 he graduated with great distinction from the University of Lethbridge, where he earned a Bachelor of Music Degree in Piano Performance.

Zain strives to endow his students with the essential tools of music-making in order to realize successful performances and find personal fulfillment. Fostering emotional engagement with music in all students, regardless of age or experience, is pivotal to his teaching philosophy. Concurrent to helping his students find joy in music-making, establishing a solid technical foundation for musical performance is also an important component of Zain’s teaching mission. He recognizes the importance of continually building one’s musical skills in order to reach higher and higher standards of playing.

Zain looks to ensure a stimulating and creative learning environment for all students, whether they be young beginners or advanced adults. He tailors his lessons on an individual basis, bearing in mind the developmental needs of each age group. Younger or beginner students can expect a fun, easy-going lesson space with an emphasis on inspiring an appreciation for music and building up a personalized musical toolbox. Older or more advanced students will be expected to establish personal learning goals that will provide the trajectory for their course of lessons, using pieces from a broad musical repertory and technical exercises.

While formally trained in classical music, Zain understands the importance of broadening a student’s musical palette, and is equally willing to teach in popular/contemporary styles. He is also able to train students in music theory, sight-reading, ear training, and playing collaboratively with other musicians as well as many other musicianship skills fundamental to becoming a well-rounded pianist.

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