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Your search for the best piano lessons in Toronto is over! Elite Music Academy offers more amenities than other music schools in Toronto. Instead of regular old piano lessons, we offer a complete education package that nurtures students and provides them ample opportunities to perform, network, and perfect their piano skills. When you walk in our doors, you are treated like family. All of our new students are eligible to rent an electronic piano for free. This allows students to dive right into learning piano without any of the delays you might encounter at other music schools or with private piano teachers.

Our piano teachers are carefully selected from Toronto’s most qualified pianists, based on their musical skills and experience. With our diverse staff, we are able to offer piano lessons in multiple styles including pop, rock, jazz, and classical.

Since we provide the most comprehensive piano lessons in Toronto, students learn to read music, improvise, and perform with other musicians quickly and easily. Our music school provides opportunities to record and perform at exciting venues around Toronto all year long. In the summer, our Toronto Music Camp is an great opportunity to develop musicianship and produce a music video.

When you search “piano lessons Toronto”, there are hundreds of options in the city. If you want the best of the best, there’s only one Elite Music Academy!

Piano Lessons in Toronto: What Makes Us Unique?

  • Quality piano lessons with experienced instructors
    Our piano teachers are fully accredited with successful careers as musicians.
  • $23 trial piano lesson
    Meet the piano teacher you’re interested in. Ask questions. Set Goals.
  • Free keyboard rental for two months
    Don’t buy a piano unless you’re sure piano lessons are right for you.
  • Record your piano playing. Show off in front of Toronto.
    Record in our professional recording studio or show off on stage.
  • Play piano in a rock band
    Your’ll love our Summer Camp and year-long Rock Band Course.
  • Affordable and Convenient
    We’ve got great lesson rates and policies and we’re open 7 days a week.
  • Clean and professional
    Our tidy music studios are equipped with digital pianos with weighted keys.
  • Safe
    All our piano instructors must pass a Vulnerable Sector Check

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Piano Students of Elite Music Academy

Our Piano Teachers

Nick Maclean Piano Synth Lessons Toronto

Nick Maclean

A piping hot blend of timeless jazz sensibilities and groovy, funkified sound synthesis, Nick’s piano playing rests on a tangle of meter changes, dense harmonies and ever-shifting textures – grounded in the past but always looking forward.

Jordan Nicholas Kane Drummer, Pianist, Vocalist, Songwriter, Recording Artist

Jordan Nicholas Kane

Jordan Nicholas Kane is a highly skilled and trained musician. Delving in musical areas such as being a prominent militant and jazz drummer, Jordan is also a burgeoning classical and jazz pianist and vocalist with over two decades of experience on all his instruments.

Constantine Caravassilis Piano Composition Lessons Toronto

Constantine Caravassilis

Musical training doesn’t just affect your musical ability — it provides tremendous benefits to everyone’s emotional and behavioral maturation, and particularly to children. Constantly updated by scientific findings on the impact of music training, Constantine combines his own training with many years of teaching experience to tailor lessons around the specific needs of each and every student, creating extraordinary experiences for each. As an award-winning musician with a growing international reputation and following, he maintains a small studio of enthusiastic students, many of which have gone on to win top honors in RCM exams and entrance scholarships in top institutions in North America.


Dana Jean Phoenix

DJP is an Electro/Synthwave artist and musical theatre actress from Toronto. You can hear her original music in movies and TV shows on Netflix, Comedy Central, VH1, and Bravo. Trained in Jazz and honed in Funk and R&B, Dana was lead singer of the Juno Nominated Funk band ‘God Made ME Funky’, and backing vocalist for Juno Award Winning R&B Singer, Jully Black. Dana’s theatre credits include: Mirvish, Nightwood Theatre, Stage West Calgary, and The Musical Stage Company. Dana is a versatile singer/pianist able to cater to your unique individual interest!

Cory Hill - Voice Guitar Ukulele Piano Teacher Toronto

Cory Hill

A multi-instrumentalist and innovative teacher, Cory has crafted his own unique methods for teaching music over the last ten years. Immersing students in multiple genres, he combines many elements of the fine arts and modern research in cognitive science to ensure that every student has a unique and enriching experience that will direct them towards musical success.

Eric Thorfinnson Piano Lessons Toronto

Eric Thorfinnson

Eric Thorfinnson is a radiantly energetic and thoroughly experienced guitar, bass, piano, and drum teacher from the Toronto area. With a deep knowledge of music theory, composition, and experience touring and teaching all across the US and Canada, he delights in sharing his passion for all the facets of music with his students and watching them grow.

Sarah Caraher Vocalist Toronto

Sarah Caraher

Sarah mixes together equal parts theory and performance work with a touch of silliness to create the perfect recipe for piano and voice students. Sweet with a dash of pizzazz, she loves to inspire a passion for music in beginner students by working on Disney songs, show tunes, and top 40 hits.

Danka Scepanovic, Toronto, Singer, Pianist, Songwriter, Theatre Performer, Film Director

Danka Scepanovic

Danka Scepanovic is a singer, pianist, songwriter, theatre performer, and film/ theatre director from Toronto. As a piano and voice teacher, Danka encourages intuitive freedom in her students, opening them to new creative possibilities within! Whether you’re a beginner or have some musical experience, Danka will help you find your unique voice and playing style.

Denielle Bassels: Vocal, Piano and Ukulele Teacher

Denielle Bassels

Denielle Bassels is an award-winning singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and teacher of pop, blues, jazz and music off the beaten path. Her dynamic and love for her art is at once encouraging and inspirational. She trains voices from absolute beginner to professionals preparing for roles, performances, and contests as well as trains singers in performance style and stage presence. No two voices are alike and so each student is catered to as an individual with the goal of unlocking the students own unique and powerful voice.

Colin Frotten Music Teacher

Colin Frotten

A classically-trained pianist and vocalist who is equally at home with pop and musical theatre, Colin will inspire you through an exploration of piano styles, while building technique and musicality. No matter your goals, he will work to lay the foundation for becoming a well-rounded musician and to develop a life-long appreciation for music!

Brendan Curry Music Teacher

Brendan Curry

An experienced, well-rounded piano instructor who’s comfortable with a wide range of styles. Recognises and respects that each individual student will have unique tastes, skills and backgrounds and therefore does not adhere to a “one size fits all!” approach to teaching. Believes in maintaining a fun, patient approach when working with students while at the same time encouraging them to test their limits and realise their full potential.

Dylan Rockett Toronto Music Lessons Guitar Bass Drums Ukulele Piano Trumpet

Dylan Rockett

Award-winning multi-instrumentalist, Dylan Rockett, is an honours grad from York University’s Music program and a full-time musician in Toronto. He teaches piano, rock bands, theory, and composition.

Top Reasons to Learn Piano

1. Learning piano increases cognitive development in kids and adults.
2. Reading piano sheet music improves eye-hand coordination.
3. Tickling the ivories consistently boosts hand agility and fine motor skills.
4. Regular piano practice instils discipline applicable to other areas of life.
5. Playing keyboard can reduce anxiety, stress, and depression.
6. Piano is the best foundational instrument.
7. Keyboard instruments are arguably the easiest to learn.
8. Buying a quality digital piano to learn on is affordable!
9. Keyboards are easily portable.
10. Everyone loves a pianist, especially at Christmas!

Piano Lessons FAQ

Is piano easier to learn than guitar?

It can be, especially for children or adults with little time or patience.  But there’s other factors to consider when choosing piano vs. guitar.

Is it better to take classical piano lessons vs. pop, rock, and jazz?

Neither is better.  But you should research the difference between classical and contemporary piano lessons ahead of time.

How much should my child practice piano?

Ideally, fifteen minutes every day should be set aside for focused practice sessions away from noise and distractions. Quality is more important than quantity.  When students forget to practice, the piano lesson turns into more of a supervised practice session, which wastes money and slows progress down.

Does your music school have piano recitals?

Yes and more! Our pianists perform in local coffee, theatres, and clubs. We’re a performance based music school. Also, check out the open mic night venues along The Danforth.

Are there any cognitive benefits to learning piano?

My child has Autism/ADHD. Can piano lessons help?

We’ve written extensively on the benefit of music lessons for children with ADHD. Research has shown it can grow new brain fibre connections in the area of the brain that is typically underdeveloped in children with ADHD.

Do I need to buy a real piano to take lessons?

No way! We offer free rentals for new students for two months.  We also sell digital Yamaha pianos lower than other local music shops in Toronto.

At what age should my child start taking piano lessons?

The average age when kids can sit calmly and focus through a 30 minute piano lesson is five. However, if your child shows a lot of musical talent and interest, starting at four is not unheard of. Allow your teacher to select an appropriate piano method book for your child’s age.

What else should I know about learning piano?

We’ve prepared an extensive FAQ here to answer your questions.

How do I find a good piano teacher?

A trial lesson is the best way to determine if a teacher is right for you. During your trial lesson, there are 6 things you should consider when shopping for a piano teacher.

Is it true that it’s never too late to learn piano?

Adults face different challenges than kids when taking piano lessons for the first time. Here some great tips to succeed.

How do I stop my child from practicing piano too fast?

Buy a metronome! It takes some getting used to, but it’ll put the brakes on that runaway freight train tempo and help to stabilize your child’s sense of rhythm. Most digital pianos have a metronome built in. Ask your teacher to use the metronome in the lesson.