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Every band or artist needs a bassist to provide the rhythm and support the harmony the song needs. Here at Elite Music Academy we can help you become the best bass player you can be with our amazing lessons.

Whatever your goals for learning to play the bass or the level you are currently playing at, our teachers will enable you to reach that next level on the bass. Giving you the confidence and technical ability to perform at the highest-level and explore building a career in playing music should be your ambition. If you really enjoy playing the bass as a past-time purely for your own enjoyment or just want to get started, our instructors will build courses according to your preferred goal.

Our talented and dedicated teachers have extensive knowledge as well as the experience to help students transition from a beginner to an advanced player. Equally, if you are already an advanced player and wish to broaden your skills, we can provide you with the right tuition for your current ability.

  • Just starting out and looking for a way to connect learning the bass to the music you love?
  • Want to take Bass playing to new levels?
  • Struggling on ideas on how to improve or practice?
  • Do you need guidance or inspiration from a professional to kickstart your creativity?
  • Looking for one on one attention and guidance so you can make the most out of every lesson?

Look no further, Elite Music Academy provides the best personalized lessons so you can start creating the music you love today.

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