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The bouzouki is a traditional Greek stringed instrument that has captivated audiences for centuries with its unique and intricate melodies. If you’re looking to learn how to play the bouzouki, look no further than Elite Music Academy in Toronto.

With no obligation to register, you can try us out risk-free and see for yourself what sets our bouzouki lessons apart from the rest.

student playing the bouzouki during a bouzouki lesson in Toronto

Our Lessons

In-Studio | Online | In Your Home

Vaggeli Koulogiannis, Greek Bouzouki & Guitar teacher


Experience the magic of music at one of our three vibrant locations in Toronto. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide an inspiring atmosphere where you can learn, grow, and connect with our community of dedicated music enthusiasts.

student playing the bouzouki during a bouzouki lesson in Toronto


Learn from the comfort of your own home with our engaging and interactive online lessons. Through high-quality video conferencing tools, we bring our expert teaching right to you, offering the flexibility you need in today’s fast-paced world.

student playing the bouzouki during a bouzouki lesson in Toronto

In Your Home

Our highly-qualified instructors can come to you so you can enjoy the ultimate convenience with our lessons in your home. This option combines the comfort of learning at home with the personalized touch of our expert face-to-face instruction.

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Tailored Bouzouki Lessons for All Skill Levels

At Elite Music Academy, our bouzouki teachers provide expert guidance for students to delve into the diverse styles and sounds of Greek music, from the traditional rebetiko to laiko, entechno, and pop. Our comprehensive lessons not only teach how to play and care for the bouzouki, but also cover music theory as it relates to the scales, modes, and rhythms of Greece, allowing students to explore the broad range of styles from folk music to fusion from the Mediterranean and Middle East.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, our academy offers the best bouzouki lessons in Toronto.

Our bouzouki and baglama teacher is the real deal, originally from Greece!

A One-Of-A-Kind Music School

At Elite Music Academy, we offer a performance-based approach to bouzouki lessons, unlike other music schools in Toronto. Our focus on musicianship and improvement through performance, along with monthly open mics and rebetiko nights, provides students with a supportive music community and numerous opportunities to showcase their skills. Our experienced teachers are dedicated to helping students learn how to play the Greek bouzouki competently.

If you’re interested in taking bouzouki lessons, we invite you to schedule a trial lesson to meet with one of our teachers and ensure they can meet your musical goals.

closeup of a bouzouki

Bouzouki Lessons for All Ages

At Elite Music Academy, we believe in providing our bouzouki students with a comprehensive musical education that includes the opportunity to perform live. Our Greek bouzouki band, comprised of talented students, regularly takes the stage at popular events such as the Taste of the Danforth and local Greek tavernas along the Danforth.

In addition to performing in front of live audiences, our bouzouki students also have the opportunity to record their music professionally and showcase their skills at our Spring and Winter school concerts. Whether you’re just starting out or have been playing for years, you’ll find the support and resources you need to take your bouzouki playing to the next level at Elite Music Academy.

So why wait? Join our Greek bouzouki band today and start experiencing the thrill of musical performance!

Affordable Bouzouki Lessons. Toronto’s Top Bouzouki Teachers

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Our Bouzouki Teachers

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

We hire the most qualified bouzouki teachers in Toronto, based on the highest possible standards in education and experience

Our Reviews

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sarena knapiksarena knapik
19:39 23 Jun 23
Learned how to play the ukulele this spring. Todd was very good as an instructor - and even though I was a lazy student (didn't do much practising 🙁 , I learned how to play - despite myself! Now, That's! amazing. Was a fun set of sessions.
kelly vlassopouloskelly vlassopoulos
02:13 28 Jan 23
Elite is a great place to learn music! With a wonder group of talented musicians! My daughter loves going to her classes. Her teachers have all been so kind, friendly and professional!
Todd LefeverTodd Lefever
17:19 17 Jul 16
I have had the privilege of teaching guitar lessons and rock band classes at Elite Music Academy and being a rock camp instructor at Toronto Music Camp since 2008. Elite is a great place to work. The owners are friendly and supportive. The staff is pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful. The other instructors are top notch professionals who are a joy to work with. I can't say enough about the talented students I have had at Elite over the years. Their eagerness to learn, and the interaction I have with them, has been very motivating and inspiring for me. I hope to be a part of the great team at Elite for many more years.Todd Lefever
Vasili FrimisVasili Frimis
04:52 15 Aug 13
Love This place. It has 2 great owners and many wonderful teachers who will teach you everything you need to know about your instrument. it has many great programs such as rock which is run during the year and the Toronto Music Camp which is run in the summer for 5 weeks and is one of my favourite programs the school has. I have been with the school for lessons, rock band and the Toronto Music Camp for about 4 years and i love it. Elite Music Academy is one of the best music schools in Toronto and it always will be. i recommend this place to anyone who wants to take music lessons.
Torva LoganTorva Logan
22:39 08 May 13
My daughter took piano and voice lessons at Elite and attended their Toronto Music Camp for two summers. She loved her teachers and has passed her RCM exams rather quickly. Her teachers mixed the lessons with classical training and pop music to keep it interesting while still providing a solid music foundation. Their store is warm and welcoming; the owners obviously have a passion for what they do. I also loved how they got the kids performing out in the community and recording their music. Seeing my daughter finally perform on a professional stage made all the back and forth to lessons worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

It can be, especially for children or adults with little time or patience. But there’s other factors to consider when choosing piano vs. guitar.
Neither is better. But you should research the difference between classical and contemporary piano lessons ahead of time
Ideally, fifteen minutes every day should be set aside for focused practice sessions away from noise and distractions. Quality is more important than quantity. When students forget to practice, the piano lesson turns into more of a supervised practice session, which wastes money and slows progress down.


Yes and more! Our pianists perform in local coffee, theatres, and clubs. We’re a performance based music school. Also, check out the open mic night venues along The Danforth.
We’ve written extensively on the benefit of music lessons for children with ADHD. Research has shown it can grow new brain fibre connections in the area of the brain that is typically underdeveloped in children with ADHD.
No way! We offer free rentals for new students for two months. We also sell digital Yamaha pianos lower than other local music shops in Toronto.
The average age when kids can sit calmly and focus through a 30 minute piano lesson is five. However, if your child shows a lot of musical talent and interest, starting at four is not unheard of. Allow your teacher to select an appropriate piano method book for your child’s age.
We’ve prepared an extensive FAQ here to answer your questions.
A trial lesson is the best way to determine if a teacher is right for you. During your trial lesson, there are 6 things you should consider when shopping for a piano teacher.
Adults face different challenges than kids when taking piano lessons for the first time. Here some great tips to succeed.


Buy a metronome! It takes some getting used to, but it’ll put the brakes on that runaway freight train tempo and help to stabilize your child’s sense of rhythm. Most digital pianos have a metronome built in. Ask your teacher to use the metronome in the lesson.

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