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Take the first step towards piano mastery by experiencing a no-obligation trial lesson with us. During this session, you’ll have the opportunity to meet our highly skilled instructor, receive personalized guidance, ask any questions you may have, and set your musical goals. All of this before committing to our program. So why wait? Embark on your piano journey today and discover the boundless joys of music!

student playing the piano during a music lesson with a piano teacher

Our Lessons

In-Studio | Online | In Your Home

student playing the piano during a piano lesson


Experience the magic of music at one of our three vibrant locations in Toronto. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide an inspiring atmosphere where you can learn, grow, and connect with our community of dedicated music enthusiasts.

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Learn from the comfort of your own home with our engaging and interactive online lessons. Through high-quality video conferencing tools, we bring our expert teaching right to you, offering the flexibility you need in today’s fast-paced world.

student playing the piano during a music lesson with a piano teacher

In Your Home

Our highly-qualified instructors can come to you so you can enjoy the ultimate convenience with our lessons in your home. This option combines the comfort of learning at home with the personalized touch of our expert face-to-face instruction.

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Piano Lessons: Unleashing Your Inner Virtuoso

As pianists, we share a love for the instrument and its boundless potential. We understand your drive for excellence, and that’s why our academy offers a top-tier piano learning experience in Toronto. Our facilities are designed to inspire and foster growth, featuring professional-grade pianos that resonate with your passion. Our team of exceptional educators are at the core of our program. Carefully selected for their expertise, experience, and ability to inspire, our instructors guide you on a tailored journey through the world of piano. They adapt to your unique tastes and goals, whether it’s classical masterpieces or contemporary hits that capture your heart. Our curriculum is personalized, focusing on piano technique, music theory, and performance practices that align with your aspirations. We strive to balance the rigors of disciplined practice with the sheer joy of creating music, ensuring a fulfilling and rewarding learning experience.

Private piano lessons for all ages, styles, and abilities. We teach piano lessons for piano and synth/keyboard lessons.

A One-Of-A-Kind Music School

Toronto has very few music schools that are performance-based. Our students are given numerous opportunities to perform at cool venues all around Toronto. Piano lessons culminate in our winter and spring showcases, where students can show off on a professional stage.

If you are looking for outstanding piano lessons in Toronto from the city’s best teachers, you will find it at Elite Music Academy. We’ll teach you how to play the piano competently and give you the support of an entire music community with plenty of opportunities for performance.

New students can even schedule trial piano lessons to make sure their teacher can meet their goals.

Top 10 Reasons to Learn How to Play the Piano


Learning piano increases cognitive development in kids and adults.


Reading piano sheet music improves eye-hand coordination.


Tickling the ivories consistently boosts hand agility and fine motor skills.


Regular piano practice instils discipline applicable to other areas of life.


Playing keyboard can reduce anxiety, stress, and depression.


Piano is the best foundational instrument.


Keyboard instruments are arguably the easiest to learn.


Buying a quality digital piano to learn on is affordable!


Keyboards are easily portable.


Everyone loves a pianist, especially at Christmas!

student playing the piano during a piano lesson in Toronto

Piano Lessons for All Ages

The piano is a timeless instrument that transcends age, offering endless opportunities for learning and personal growth. Our lessons cater to all ages, from young children to adults, fostering a love for music that nourishes the mind and spirit throughout life. Starting piano lessons early can have lasting benefits for children, enhancing cognitive development, motor skills, and emotional expression. However, it’s never too late to embrace the transformative power of music. Adults can also reap the rewards of piano study, such as improved mental agility, stress relief, and personal fulfillment. Learning the piano requires passion, determination, and commitment. For those choosing an instrument for the first time, the piano is a versatile and rewarding option. Its wide range of notes and expressive capabilities make it the perfect foundation for exploring diverse musical styles and techniques. Our expert instructors adapt their teaching methods to suit each student’s unique needs and learning pace, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable experience for all. Regardless of age, our piano lessons provide a gateway to a lifetime of musical discovery, enrichment, and joy.

Synth/Keyboard Lessons

Want to do more than just play the piano? Our synth/keyboard lessons let you experience complete creative control over your music!

With your piano teacher, you will be able to explore your keyboard and push your abilities past the limit. A synthesizer keyboard comes with controllers and other fun knobs and switches to add depth and your own personality to your music. Some synthesizer keyboards have an Aftertouch feature that allows you to increase or decrease sound depending on the pressure you add to the keys while holding them down. Or add instruments to the classical piano sound for the illusion that you’re surrounded by an orchestra.

When you search “piano lessons in Toronto,” there are hundreds of options in the city. If you want the best of the best, there’s only one Elite Music Academy!

closeup of a piano which is used during piano lessons

Affordable Piano Lessons. Toronto’s Top Piano Teachers

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Our Piano Teachers

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

To provide the finest piano education in Toronto, we adhere to the highest standards when selecting our piano instructors. Our rigorous process ensures that each teacher possesses an impressive educational background, extensive experience, and an innate ability to inspire students. Our teachers are formally trained at renowned institutions, and their diverse backgrounds expose students to various styles, genres, and techniques. This rich learning environment enables students to discover their unique musical voice. With years of experience, our instructors bring invaluable expertise to help students navigate the complexities of piano mastery with confidence. We prioritize instructors who connect with students and tailor their approach to individual needs, ensuring an optimal learning experience. Our commitment to excellence also includes providing ongoing professional development opportunities for our teachers, so they remain informed about the latest advances in music education. By entrusting your musical journey to our exceptional piano teachers in Toronto, you can be confident that you are receiving top-tier instruction and guidance on your path to success.

Our Reviews

Elite Music Academy
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sarena knapiksarena knapik
19:39 23 Jun 23
Learned how to play the ukulele this spring. Todd was very good as an instructor - and even though I was a lazy student (didn't do much practising 🙁 , I learned how to play - despite myself! Now, That's! amazing. Was a fun set of sessions.
kelly vlassopouloskelly vlassopoulos
02:13 28 Jan 23
Elite is a great place to learn music! With a wonder group of talented musicians! My daughter loves going to her classes. Her teachers have all been so kind, friendly and professional!
Todd LefeverTodd Lefever
17:19 17 Jul 16
I have had the privilege of teaching guitar lessons and rock band classes at Elite Music Academy and being a rock camp instructor at Toronto Music Camp since 2008. Elite is a great place to work. The owners are friendly and supportive. The staff is pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful. The other instructors are top notch professionals who are a joy to work with. I can't say enough about the talented students I have had at Elite over the years. Their eagerness to learn, and the interaction I have with them, has been very motivating and inspiring for me. I hope to be a part of the great team at Elite for many more years.Todd Lefever
Vasili FrimisVasili Frimis
04:52 15 Aug 13
Love This place. It has 2 great owners and many wonderful teachers who will teach you everything you need to know about your instrument. it has many great programs such as rock which is run during the year and the Toronto Music Camp which is run in the summer for 5 weeks and is one of my favourite programs the school has. I have been with the school for lessons, rock band and the Toronto Music Camp for about 4 years and i love it. Elite Music Academy is one of the best music schools in Toronto and it always will be. i recommend this place to anyone who wants to take music lessons.
Torva LoganTorva Logan
22:39 08 May 13
My daughter took piano and voice lessons at Elite and attended their Toronto Music Camp for two summers. She loved her teachers and has passed her RCM exams rather quickly. Her teachers mixed the lessons with classical training and pop music to keep it interesting while still providing a solid music foundation. Their store is warm and welcoming; the owners obviously have a passion for what they do. I also loved how they got the kids performing out in the community and recording their music. Seeing my daughter finally perform on a professional stage made all the back and forth to lessons worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

It can be, especially for children or adults with little time or patience. But there’s other factors to consider when choosing piano vs. guitar.
Neither is better. But you should research the difference between classical and contemporary piano lessons ahead of time
Ideally, fifteen minutes every day should be set aside for focused practice sessions away from noise and distractions. Quality is more important than quantity. When students forget to practice, the piano lesson turns into more of a supervised practice session, which wastes money and slows progress down.


Yes and more! Our pianists perform in local coffee, theatres, and clubs. We’re a performance based music school. Also, check out the open mic night venues along The Danforth.
We’ve written extensively on the benefit of music lessons for children with ADHD. Research has shown it can grow new brain fibre connections in the area of the brain that is typically underdeveloped in children with ADHD.
No way! We offer free rentals for new students for two months. We also sell digital Yamaha pianos lower than other local music shops in Toronto.
The average age when kids can sit calmly and focus through a 30 minute piano lesson is five. However, if your child shows a lot of musical talent and interest, starting at four is not unheard of. Allow your teacher to select an appropriate piano method book for your child’s age.
We’ve prepared an extensive FAQ here to answer your questions.
A trial lesson is the best way to determine if a teacher is right for you. During your trial lesson, there are 6 things you should consider when shopping for a piano teacher.
Adults face different challenges than kids when taking piano lessons for the first time. Here some great tips to succeed.


Buy a metronome! It takes some getting used to, but it’ll put the brakes on that runaway freight train tempo and help to stabilize your child’s sense of rhythm. Most digital pianos have a metronome built in. Ask your teacher to use the metronome in the lesson.

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