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Performance Based Music Lessons in Toronto

Imagine…your name being announced as a member of a rock band! Pretty cool right? Imagine the thrill of playing a concert as a member of a real band. Working together as a team to create awesome music that’s both entertaining and incredibly creative. This can all be a reality, and is just a day in the life of an Elite Music Academy student. If you’ve been searching for some of the most innovative and exciting music classes Toronto can provide, you’re in luck!

At Elite Music Academy, we take a performance based approach to music education. It is our belief that it’s the performance of music that makes students want to naturally learn all they can, including the technical skills and theory they need to advance. Let’s face it, student’s aren’t interested in learning the theory of music…they’re interested in playing. Similar to The School of Rock, our approach goes way beyond traditional private lessons. This isn’t old school piano lessons, with a ruler slapping your hands when you play a wrong note…this is high octane, exciting and passionate music education at it’s best. Our students are encouraged to join a band early to begin developing their love and passion for music.

Do you have a passion for playing the drums? Maybe you’re more interested in slappin’ the bass? Do you have the voice to step out front and rock out? Whatever your area of interest, we’re ready to make your dreams a reality! Our program caters to kids and adults alike.

The summer months offer an amazing opportunity for our musicians! Our wildly popular Rock Camp is just what the doctor ordered for the summertime blues. With an opportunity to learn the drums, guitar, bass, or show off your amazing voice, you just can’t lose! Our program offers music lessons on all these instruments as well as the piano. There is so much research that shows that music performance strengthens the mind and improves brain development and learning potential. We offer instruction as well as performance opportunities, developing the love of music and music performance right away, while still building the fundamentals they need to progress.

Our students are performing all over Toronto. In coffee shops, theaters, clubs and open mic nights along the Danforth, you’ll find Elite Music Academy students proudly doing what they do best…performing! Our philosophy is clearly that it’s through performing that the best learning happens. Our dedicated music educators are masters of their craft and have a true passion for imparting the love of music. We focus on more than the dream though. Our music lessons offer sound instruction that gives the student the fundamentals necessary for really learning their craft. So what are you waiting for? Find out what’s happening at Elite Music Academy today!

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Performance Based Music Lessons in Toronto

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