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Yiannis Foulidis

Piano, Guitar, Bass Instructor

Yiannis Foulidis Piano, Guitar, Bass Instructor at Elite Music Academy

About Me

I am a composer, classically-trained pianist, and live/studio trained guitarist. I am highly experienced with music theory requirements for university/college applications.

My teaching methods come from a horizon of varied experience, including performances within Canada and the US, and studying with highly qualified teachers including RCM senior examiners and S. Andreyev.

I do not impose a “one-size-fits-all” approach on any of my students. I thrive with highly curious students, and always encourage my students to ask many questions. I like to empower my students to feel confident about their relationships and experiences with music.

I am comfortable teaching many styles, but my piano students benefit most from studying classical (or jazz) repertoire with me.

I prioritise musicality over technical ability, and focus on teaching students how to listen to what they are playing, ensuring that they are in control of their sounds.

While I have a highly structured method of study, I understand that many (younger) students do not have the attention or interest required to pursue this. I have a wealth of repertoire to draw from that makes it easy to find a middle ground between work that will progress the student’s studies, and music that they will be eager to learn.

That said, “music must be emotional first, and intellectual second.”

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