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Jaclyn Serre

Voice, Guitar & Beginner Piano Teacher

Jaclyn Serre Voice, Guitar & Beginner Piano Teacher

About Me

Jaclyn Serre is a high energy, passionate and dedicated teacher who trains with the world-renowned vocal coach, Ken Tamplin. Jaclyn is now offering voice, guitar, and piano lessons, along with musical theatre classes and vocal group classes. Jaclyn’s goal is to make you fall in love with your instrument and inspire you to continue to grow in your musical journey.

Jaclyn Serre is a graduate of the prestigious Music Theatre Performance program at Sheridan College. Since graduating, Jaclyn has been continuing to study and grow her voice with the world-renowned vocal coach, Ken Tamplin, at Ken Tamplin Music Academy. Jaclyn has been singing professionally for over 20 years. Jaclyn’s goal is to make you fall in love with your instrument, so that you can take the skills you’ve learned and use them in a way to best express yourself as an artist. She believes in a fun, light-hearted approach with lessons that suit each student and their individual needs. Jaclyn teaches all ages from 6 years old and up! Children, Teens, Adults and Seniors welcome! Jaclyn has worked with them all.

As a vocal teacher, Jaclyn’s focus is to grow the voice to its full potential. By using proper diaphragmatic breathing, support and resonance, Jaclyn works with her students to develop a strong, healthy and sustainable voice. Focussing on vowels and vowel modifications, Jaclyn works hard to give you that strong rock, pop, and R&B sound. Jaclyn has studied all genres of music, including classical, however, SHE IS A ROCKER AT HEART. Jaclyn will not only grow your voice, but improve your pitch and agility through various exercises that will give you more elasticity in the vocal folds and more confidence in your performance.

As a guitar teacher, Jaclyn focusses on chords first. Let’s get you playing some songs right away to give you immediate satisfaction when learning the guitar. It will inspire you to dive deeper into your guitar when learning music theory and other challenging aspects that the guitar requires. Jaclyn will start with open “house” chords, then slowly move on to more complicated chords and then barre chords as your fingers get stronger. You will also learn about rhythm and strumming patterns as well as picking and finger picking patterns. Jaclyn’s goal is to make you a better guitar player than she is and eventually move you on to an even more advanced teacher that can continue your growth.

As a piano teacher, Jaclyn will take you through the Mayron Cole Piano Method, using her books as an easy to follow and structured way to learn. Piano is actually fairly new to Jaclyn, however she can get you started at the beginner level, again with the goal of moving you on to a more advanced piano teacher as you grow. Jaclyn also will be offering Musical Theatre and Group Vocal Classes!!! If you love to sing, act and dance; these group classes are absolutely for you!!!

Jaclyn is so excited to be back in Toronto and at Elite Music Academy!! She can’t wait to meet her new students and see her old students again!!!

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