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Mary Mendoza

Piano, Vocal & R&B Specialist

Piano teacher, Vocal teacher & R&B Specialist

About Me

Some may consider Mary a chameleon; she is a fun, creative and encouraging teacher who sings, raps, writes songs/poetry, records/mixes vocals, dances, plays piano & guitar, acts, meditates, performs as a Disney Princess, helps aspiring songwriters in their career/creative goals at the Songwriters Association of Canada, and is the author of an inspiring book about mental health and resiliency.

Mary Mendoza is a singer-songwriter and instructor specialized in R&B/Soul, who has taken her performances to countless stages including TD Beaches Jazz Festival (Main Stage) and for 10,000 people at the International Centre.

With over 15 years of study learning from award-winning vocalists/teachers, along with her passion for health and fitness, Mary provides a holistic approach to singing lessons and caters to the students’ individual learning styles and goals.

As well as being an instrumentalist and a representative of the Songwriters Association of Canada, Mary also provides beginner piano/guitar lessons and can incorporate guidance counselling to help students build their music careers.

No matter your age or level, you will learn secret tools to bring more depth to your singing, authenticity to your stage presence, and impact to your divine purpose. Mary understands obstacles from vocal limitations to stage fright having been there herself, and she has developed creative and effective techniques proven to helping her students become unstoppable!

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