Claudia Nigro: Vocal Coach/Instructor, Professional Actor, Singer, Dancer

Claudia Nigro

Vocal Coach/Instructor, Professional Actor, Singer, Dancer

Claudia is a singer, actor, and dancer, based in downtown Toronto, with over 15 years of vocal and performance training. Claudia has dedicated most of her life to the arts, including majoring in Musical Theatre at Etobicoke School of the Arts, and getting her Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts at Toronto Metropolitan University in Performance Acting.

Claudia currently works as a professional actor and singer in Toronto, where she recently originated a role in a new musical, Killing Time, which received 3 Dora Award nominations in 2022! She has appeared on Breakfast Television multiple times, and has even performed abroad in Greece, starring in an original musical about the life of Leonard Cohen. She has vocal training in musical theatre, pop, and jazz, and loves to use her acting background to story-tell through music.

As a teacher, Claudia has always had a passion for working with children, and is very excited to have students of her very own! Claudia believes that everyone is a singer, and through building confidence, and healthy technique, your voice will shine and so will your stage presence! Through your lessons, she will help you discover your unique singing voice, and will help you play to your strengths as a singer. Uniquely, Claudia offers basic ear and music theory training. She believes that having an understanding of music from the ground up enables you to understand the meaning behind a musical composition. It also allows you to speak with other musicians in a common language, which will prove beneficial in a professional setting.

Whether you want to sing for yourself or for an audience, vocal lessons are for you! Your lesson with Claudia will focus on building good singing habits, and breaking old ones. Music is therapeutic – it’s a freeing way to express yourself, and it’s an instrument you carry with you anywhere you go!

Together, with Claudia, you can build a strong repertoire, build tools for successful auditions, and make sure your voice is being used in a way that is sustainable! With a strong foundation, anything is possible, as long as you follow your dreams and let your passion motivate you!

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