Dev Modi ( Drum and Piano Instructor, Band Coach, Songwriter, Performer)

Dev Modi

Drum & Piano

Meet Dev Modi, a 21-year-old music sensation specializing in drums and piano. With a stellar performance record spanning the Indian music industry and a dynamic 5-year teaching stint, Dev blends real-world experience with engaging education. Step into his vibrant musical world for a journey like no other.

Dev Modi, a prodigious 21-year-old multi-instrumentalist, has spent over half his life mastering the drums and piano, marking an exceptional presence in the Indian music industry. With 15 years of comprehensive experience, Dev has collaborated with notable names in the industry and traveled across India, immersing himself in a diverse array of musical genres.

For over 5 years, Dev has channeled his passion and knowledge into teaching music to students of various age groups. His lessons focus on promoting independent learning, which includes ear training and rhythm skills that enable his students to explore any song and skill level on their own. Dev’s impressive academic credentials, such as a diploma in Drums from Trinity College of London, stand as a testament to his expertise.

In his teaching, Dev incorporates a range of musical styles, including Contemporary Rock, Pop, Jazz, Progressive Rock, and Metal. He follows a structured approach, blending fun song practices with crucial exercises for skill enhancement. Depending on the learner’s preference, Dev offers lessons in sheet music and an in-depth understanding of music theory, shaping a well-rounded musical foundation for his students. Through this integrated approach, Dev distinguishes himself as a dedicated educator and an invaluable asset in the realm of music education.

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