February 24, 2013

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Kid’s Guitars from Yamaha

Start your children’s guitar lessons off right with Yamaha. We provide the lowest prices on kid’s guitars in Toronto – guaranteed!


Kid's GuitarsYamaha Acoustic Kid’s Guitars

The entry level Yamaha FG acoustic guitars have been around for nearly half a century, but the same commitment to excellence is found in all four of Yamaha’s kid’s guitars. The JR2S, JR2, JR1, and GL1 models are the most durable kid’s guitars on the market – perfect for transporting to and from your child’s guitar lessons! All four of Yamaha’s kid’s guitars feature smaller body depths and string lengths. The tones, however, are resounding and warm.

Benefits of Guitar Lessons for Kids

Science has shown that kids who start musical training and guitar lessons early in life demonstrate lasting gains in their ability to accurately detect pitch. In fact, the scientists involved with the research corroborated the “Mozart Effect” by showing that early guitar lessons spell improvements in auditory processing and working memory*. In other words, coupling a small size Yamaha acoustic guitar with early guitar lessons might prove highly beneficial down the road.

JR1 and JR2

The Yamaha JR1 is a small size acoustic guitar with a spruce top and satin finish. The back and sides of the JR1 are constructed from meranti tonewoods; the fingerboard and bridge are solid rosewood. The string length on the JR1 is slightly more compact than a full-bodied acoustic guitar. The JR1’s string length is 540 mm, which is the ideal size for a young Eric Clapton. The JR1 comes with a soft-shell case.

The Yamaha JR2 is modeled after the full-bodied, beginner FG series. The JR2 is marketed as either an excellent travel or beginner guitar. The JR2 comes with a mahogany finish, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, a spruce top, and a diminished body depth and scale length. The scale length on the JR2 is the same of the JR1’s scale length, but the JR2 comes in either natural or sunburst finish. The JR2’s tuners are reliable and open chrome; the JR2 also includes a soft-shell gig bag.

JR2S and GL1

The Yamaha JR2S features a gorgeous spruce top, which is ideal for booming tones and rich harmonics. The back and sides are Ultra Thin Film (UTF) mahogany and the fingerboard is solid rosewood. Yamaha’s small size acoustics are all crafted from durable tonewoods, which help ensure tone and durability.

The JR2S comes with a nato neck and similar body depth and scale length to the JR line. The JR2S differentiates itself by its range of color options, creamy tones and hard-shell case. The GLI, however, is a different breed altogether.

The Yamaha GL1 is a small-size acoustic guitar inspired by the ukelele. The GL1 is nylon-stringed, and it makes the perfect beginner or travel guitar. The GL1’s scale length is a petite 433 mm. Like all Yamaha small size acoustic guitars, the GL1 features a spruce top and resilient rosewood fingerboard. The GLI also comes with a complimentary gig bag.

Never Too Early for Guitar Lessons

Yamaha’s small-size acoustic guitars are the perfect kid’s guitar for children as young as 4, allowing kids to start guitar lessons early. Elite Music also sells small-sized cases to protect these guitars from bumps and dents.

Call us at 416-406-5355 ex2 to inquire about our Yamaha kid’s guitars today!


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