Luciano Maizel ( Piano Teacher, Composer, Producer)

Luciano Maizel


My name is Luciano, and I am a driven musician and teacher with a strong background in classical piano and music theory. I have taught piano for over six years to all ages. My teaching philosophy prioritizes fostering a love of music above all else. Technique, theory, and exercises exist to facilitate this passion, not as a goal themselves. I take a personalized approach to find what makes a student love music and help them develop this passion.

I have recently graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Music, where I studied piano with Professors Boris Lysenko and Younggun Kim. My studies at UofT specialized in music theory, history, and composition. I also pursued self-guided studies in jazz and audio engineering. Since graduating, I have begun developing my career as a pianist, composer, and music producer. I have performed publicly in solo and collaborative settings, composed music for video games, and mixed songs for clients. My compositions range from synth-wave to orchestral, and I can play anything from jazz to classical.

As a teacher, I use my diverse musical interests and experience to personalize my approach to every student. I can teach the RCM curriculum from beginner to ARCT, or help students explore pop, rock, jazz, or whatever genre they are interested in. I pride myself in encouraging a love for music in all of my students, regardless of style. I will help you find the music behind the notes and discover your passion for piano.

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