Naveen Jude Peter ( Drums & Guitar)

Naveen Jude Peter

Drums & Guitar

Naveen Jude Peter pursued his music education from the Trinity College London and has been teaching music for the last 15 years. He was a drum demonstrator and music educator for Yamaha Music India for 11 years and can be seen performing on the company’s official website. His teaching methods are loved by Canadians and this is the reason he is teaching music in more than 4 different top music schools of Toronto, Canada.

“Music is the only language one can communicate without saying a word” – Jude

Jude believes every student has a different musical upbringing. His music lessons can be understood under the following heading:

Customized Music Lessons: He carefully analyses a students’ musical journey based on the kind of music a student listens to on everyday basis and then makes a customized music course module for every student. Studying student psychology is an important factor in his musical education as he believes every student has different level of creativity which is awesome in its own way.

Stage Performance: He emphasizes on performances as he believes musical communication is very important with fellow musician in order to grow as a musician. Being a multi instrumentalist, his lessons are based on jamming with other instruments which helps students to understand how to justify their instrument when playing with other musicians.

Song Study: Song study is an important element of his lessons as well as there is lot of musical element and terminology involved in a song and student understands better when they cover their favourite song bar by bar and understand it deeply.

500 Academic Schools.

*Taught the language of music to around 50,000 students.

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