ROBERTO ERCOLI (Guitar, Piano, Songwriting/Composing)

Roberto Ercoli

Guitar, Piano, Songwriting/Composing

An experienced instructor and performer, Roberto Ercoli has dedicated himself to making his students fall in love with playing their instrument. Roberto offers a well-rounded, engaging, and adaptable teaching approach with a focus on performance, improvisation, songwriting, and ear training. Above all, he individually tailors his lessons to each of his students’ specific goals and interests.

Roberto Ercoli is a Toronto-based musician, composer, producer, and actor. He has privately taught music since 2017 and is very honoured to join Elite Music Academy’s roster of high-pedigree instructors. With over 20 years of experience on his main instruments of guitar and piano, Roberto has gained an eclectic and wide-ranging set of musical interests, and he is well-versed in several genres, especially rock, metal, jazz, and pop. He has an ever-growing love for all things music-related, and he has made it his mission to ignite the same flame in the hearts and minds of as many people as possible.

Roberto is no stranger to live performance; he is the guitarist and producer for the instrumental progressive metal band Jaodae, former guitarist and pianist for the gypsy jazz ensemble Django Futuro, and has performed as an actor and musician in numerous theatre productions across the province for the past decade. He views performance as the ultimate way to maximize a musician’s potential, and emphasises the art of performance as a key aspect in musical training. Roberto offers a well-rounded and flexible lesson structure, blending essential technique with accessible theory. From the very first lesson, he establishes the student’s specific musical interests and aspirations. Depending on the student’s interests, Roberto will offer lessons geared towards improvisation, songwriting/composition, ear training, higher level theory, and even music production. At the core of his lessons, he asks his students to have an active role in choosing their learning material; he strongly believes that playing songs and pieces that the student enjoys and is connected to is the best and most productive way to begin a musical journey.

Whether you are a complete beginner starting from scratch or an experienced musician looking to brush up, Roberto is dedicated to inspiring each of his students to achieve their personal goals. He seeks committed and enthusiastic students of all ages that seek to build a lasting relationship with music.

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