November 6, 2016

Elite Music Academy in Toronto

Tips for Toronto-Area Rock Guitar Students

Toronto Themed GuitarToronto is a city that knows how to rock! That’s why we earned the privilege of hosting the annual North by Northeast music festival. Learning rock guitar is a great way to dip your feet into Toronto’s rock and roll river (no, not the Don River) and then ride it to an ocean of musical possibilities. Whoa! Now, that said, I’d like to share a few simple tips for students in rock  guitar classes in Toronto.

There Is No One Way to Rock in Toronto

The colors and shapes of Toronto’s famous rockers are too numerous to count: from the early rock music of Neil Young, to the 80’s anthems of Rush; from the folk-rock sound of Barenaked Ladies, to the nu metal of Three Days Grace; from the bluesy vibe of Jeff Healey to the noise rock madness of post-hardcore Fucked Up.

In a city of countless millions, there’s never been just one way to rock, and there’s never been just one way to learn either. Elite Music has scoured the earth (well, not really, just Toronto) to hire the best rock guitar teachers.

Learning Rock Guitar Should Be Fun

People start learning guitar for a lot of reasons. No matter your reason, learning rock guitar should always be fun. For those who try to teach themselves, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut or get bored. Heck, even if you’re taking private guitar lessons at Elite Music, boredom can happen to anyone! Unless you’re some kind of hermit musician, you need to jam with other rockers to find inspiration! Elite Music is the only performance-based music school in Toronto that promotes socialisation for students of all levels and ages. Aspiring young rock guitarists can cure their boredom by joining the Toronto Music Camp or weekly Rock Band program where skilled guitar instructors can help you find new ways to love your instrument and develop genuine musicianship.

Practice Makes Perfect; Rock Gods Are Made, Not Born.

No one is good when they start out. None of your favourite guitar players was born with a guitar in her or his hands. So don’t feel intimidated that you can’t blaze through solos right out of the gate. If you feel like you can’t advance on your own, or you just want some helpful advice, finding a qualified guitar instructor is the only way to take you to the next level.

Explore the Sonic Options of Pedals

Ignoring modelling instruments and synthesisers, electric guitars are probably capable of producing the widest variety of sounds. Such a feat is possible because of the vast range of pickups, amplifiers, and effects units available. Some of our favourite places to buy guitar pedals in Toronto include Steve’s, Long & McQuade. You can often find vintage guitar pedals at Paul’s Boutique – an old Toronto favourite. If you’re overwhelmed by the options, guitar teachers and professional gigging guitarists can help you learn the tricks you need to get the sound you want.

Study Your Heroes, but Make Your Own Style.

Whether or not you choose to take guitar lessons, you still have to learn from somebody. I suggest that you study the music and techniques of your favourite guitarists as a way to improve your own abilities with the rock guitar. Some local Toronto music stores like Remenyi, sell guitar tab books, which can provide an easy way to learn your favourite songs. However, if your favourite band is unavailable or the songs you like are too difficult to read from, a good guitar instructor can often teach you by ear or write out the chords for you.

With enough practice, dedication, and a qualified guitar teacher to guide you, maybe someday you can add your name to the Top Guitarists from Toronto!

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