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Vaggeli Koulogiannis

Greek Bouzouki & Guitar Lessons

Greek Bouzouki & Guitar teacher

About Me

From 25 years experience, Vaggeli has developed a deep knowledge and passion for music. He has the ability to build caring relationships with students as well as use friendliness and approach-ability from being a parent himself. His strong love for guitar and bouzouki has made him the person he is today.

Vaggeli is an experienced bouzouki/guitar player for the past 30 years. His musical education started at the Odeon School of Music and continued in Athens, Greece where he studied under the famous composer Theordoros Derveniotis.

Vaggeli resides in Toronto, Ontario and has played with various artists/band(s) from Greece and Canada for the last 25 years. His experience playing live as well as various studio recordings has made him the musician he is today.

With this experience, he can reflect and contrast his qualifications on teaching your child the art that is music.

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