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Zscharmaine Princess Barretto

Professional Vocalist & Pianist

Zscharmaine Princess Barretto Piano and Vocal Teacher

About Me

Zscharmaine Princess Barretto is a performer in various concerts and musical theater/opera  productions, and most especially, a Voice/Piano teacher for all ages. She graduated with a degree  of Bachelor of Music in Music Education, Voice emphasis at the University of Santo Tomas Conservatory of Music under Asst. Prof. Ronan Ferrer. She received full scholarship from Coro  Tomasino, the official choir of the UST Conservatory of Music, and Original Pilipino Performing  Arts Foundation (OPPA). 

Zscharm teaches different genres in singing including classical, broadway, and pop. While  students may have their own preferences, Zscharm makes sure to widen the styles her students  can sing. She encourages students to explore more the capabilities of their voices and not to be  limited to one style. The student she is handling are from kids up to adults and the lessons are  tailored to the needs of each students as each has their own strengths and weaknesses. She does  not only teach techniques in singing but her lessons includes ear training which is very important  to improve singing in correct pitch; exercises on beat and rhythm which are essential for students  to naturally feel in their body; note reading and solfeggio to fully develop their musicality and to  promote independence in the future which is also one of her goals for her students, to be able  to study a piece/song independently. 

As a teacher, Zscharm is very fond of her students especially with kids as she is naturally  energetic. Aside from teaching the technical side of singing, she is also a big sister to young  students, and a friend to adult students. They play, and make lessons fun and engaging. She also  shares her experiences in performing which helps the students a lot to be more confident and  inspired at the same time. She has students who at first are very shy, but now singing with  confidence. She also gained good feedbacks from the parents of her students. Her lessons are  free-flowing and it follows the pacing of each student.  

“Understanding the basics unhurriedly leads to building strong music foundation.” You may follow her on her Facebook page, and Youtube Channel- Charm Barretto

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