June 21, 2022

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Concentration Benefits from playing the piano

Music has an extremely powerful grasp over our emotions, it can bring us joy and move us to tears. The benefits of learning to play the piano has numerous benefits for children and adults alike.

Children who play an instrument generally spend a significant amount of time practicing, and this practice not only enhances their ability to concentrate on the music created, but it also helps with concentrating on areas of their education and lives as well. Even adults experience improved concentration, as playing the piano is an excellent brain workout that helps us concentrate and focus.

Many studies have also shown that piano lessons can improve reading skills and boost early language development. Scientists also believe that music can help children improve their ability to learn and process speech much quicker

Both children and adults who receive music lessons have been shown to have higher IQ and test scores. In adults, playing music also increases neural
connections in the brain which increases overall brain function!

FUN FACT: Children who study the piano for two years or more can remember 20% more vocabulary words than their peers

With all of these benefits that come from playing the piano, why wait? Elite Music Academy offers the best musical instrument lessons in Toronto!
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